Disney World can feel like one big ATM if you let it. After the tickets, resort rooms, and meals you might not have any left for souvenirs…but I have found a way to save a bit at the House of Mouse: Disney Character Warehouse. The official Disney outlet locations are jam packed with souvenirs at up to 75% off. Even better, one is right outside Disney World gates!

You can rest easy knowing her souvenirs were 75% off at the Disney Outlet

You can rest easy knowing her souvenirs were 75% off. Photo by Dia Adams

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It’s funny how after spending thousands for Disney park tickets, hotel and meals that it’s the $34 T-shirt that sends me over the edge. I just can’t bear the park prices for souvenirs! Thank Goofy I’ve found the Disney outlets. These are Disney owned stores, not knockoffs- right in Orlando. I’m happy to share my discoveries with you.

Disney Outlets – Right outside the Disney World Gates

If you’re short on time or need to take an Uber, the best location is Disney Character Warehouse at Orlando Premium Outlets (8200 Vineland Avenue, Suite 1252).  It’s right across the street from the Disney Springs entrance to Disney World.


However, if you’ve got a car and a bit more time, the trip to the International Drive outlets location (4951 International Drive, Orlando) is worth the effort. Because it’s a bit further afield the Disney Character Warehouse on I-Drive tends to get picked over less quickly.

All smiles for this Cheshire Cat bag I picked up for 75% off at the Disney outlet!

All smiles for this Cheshire Cat bag (and the goodies inside) I picked up for 75% off at the Disney outlet! Photo by Dia Adams

Disney Outlet Finds

The kids and I hit both recently and found them to be well stocked…and well worth the visit!

Tees from $4, and tons of out-of-season but still perfectly useful items at giveaway prices.We also found Magicband bling- $13 at the parks- for $1.99.  I grabbed a bunch of those for gifts to give to Disney loving friends. I gave each of my kids $10 to spend. My son updated his Vinylmation collection for $4 each ($14 at the parks) and my daughter picked up a Perry the Platypus pillow pet for $10 that is $33 on site.

What’s also nice about the Disney Character Warehouse is that you can find some amazing discounted collectibles and high-end items. I see Dooney and Burke and Vera Bradley purses every time I visit- usually at half off retail. Last visit I got an amazing Mickey Leather Bomber jacket at a steal. Be sure to look in the display cases and shelves behind the counter. I have been able to get some one-of-a-kind items from sold out Disney special events such as Star Wars weekends.

Disney Outlet Pin Trading Tips

The Disney Character Warehouse carries pin starter sets of 6 or 8 for $12.95 to $16.95, which is an absolute steal compared to the parks.  If your kids are into pins, get ANY cheap ones you can find and the cast members on site have to trade them! Many of the park gift shops (especially in the hotels) have entire books of pins just for trading. No worries if your kid starts with 20 “2014 marathon” pins you got for $3 each.

Speaking of pins- we have a holiday tradition in our family involving Disney pins. When the kids were 4 and 7 their Christmas surprise was a trip to Disney World. To get them in the spirit the “Elves” put a daily Disney pin into their advent calendars. The kids are now 10 and 13 and still look for the pins every December morning. Thank goodness for the Disney outlet so the Elves can stock up on the cheap!

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Regional Official Disney Outlets

If you’re near a local Disney outlet, it’s definitely worth a look. An interesting bit of trivia: Disney tends to stock merchandise from parks farther away from the location. For instance, the outlets near Washington DC are often chock full of special event tees, toys, and knick knacks from Disneyland.

Disney World “Outlet” Shopping Tips

I’d be remiss not to remind you of a couple of my favorite shops and save tips right on Disney property:

  • Basin (Grand Floridian and Disney Springs) is famous for their by-the-slice soaps shaped with Mickey and many other Disney themes. Next to the register you’ll find little bags of soap remainders at half price (usually around $3) that are perfect for stocking stuffers or hostess gifts.
  • Uniqlo, in Disney Springs, is a Japanese H&M/Old Navy type clothing store. However, their merchandise is universally good quality.  Even better, each store does a line of merchandise unique to the location.  In this case, the store has hundreds of unique Disney tees, most under $15. The style and fit factor are also amped up a notch over your typical T-shirt. You’ll even find characters not often seen.  Last time I saw Up! and 101 Dalmatians. When was the last time you saw an Up! T-Shirt?

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Where to Buy Discounted Disney World Tickets

Headed to the Happiest Place on Earth? TravelingMom recommends Undercover Tourist for discounted tickets including $7 off Mickey’s Christmas party tickets and $8 off Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween tickets.

What are your best Disney outlet finds? Please share in the comments.

Shhh! The Secret Disney World Outlet right outside the gates!