Learning a skill often results in being awkward or embarrassed. Who hasn’t fumbled while trying to understand how a new computer program works or attempting to try a complicated soufflé recipe? When it comes to RV’ing here’s a little RV tip to save you the embarrassment of setting up your RV at a campground.

RV Tips

Photo Credit: Allan Clark

It Was Our First-Ever RV Trip…

As a professional speaker, I often present keynotes on customer service. A state RV campground association booked me to speak. Since I had never even peeked inside an RV, we decided to rent an RV and experience the camping life. (I soon learned really cool people call their RV a “rig”). So we headed off in our rig to a local campground with our two-year-old daughter, Sondra. With my husband at the wheel, and my daughter snug in her car seat, I relaxed and enjoyed the ride, perched high above most drivers. This trip would be a breeze.

Checking in at the Campground

Allan pulled our rig to the office with the prominently displayed “Check-In” sign. I strode confidently to the reservation desk, filled out the necessary forms, and paid. The friendly campground host ended our transaction by pointing out the window to an open space and saying, “Use the pull-through right there at #8. Have a great time!” I could tell it would be a great weekend.

Finding the Pull-Through

With Sondra safely sleeping, I motioned my husband to come out and walk the few feet to Site #8. “We just have to find the pull through,” I told him. After all, it makes sense that if I was supposed to “use the pull-through”; I needed to find something to pull. We looked all over the campsite, without finding anything to pull. Allan inspected the electrical hookup and examined the hole where our water and sewage would go. Nothing lent itself to “pulling through.” We looked under the picnic table. Nothing. Next we walked the perimeter of the site, peeking in and around bushes for something, anything to pull through.

Take this RV tip from a Pro

Giving up, I returned to the office and told the campground owner, “We’ve looked and looked and just can’t find anything to pull through at Site #8”. He turned away from me slightly, as if to compose himself. Then, with great professionalism, he said, “Pull through means you pull your RV into the site and when you are ready to leave, simply move forward. You use a pull-through by pulling your RV through the site.” Suddenly it all made sense to this first-time RV’er.


Don't repeat this first time RVer mistake. The writer still hasn't lived it down!The Story Becomes a Legend

The rest of our RV camping experience was uneventful, yet fun. That story has, unfortunately, spread among professional RV campground owners. Now anytime I speak at a conference, someone always asks, “Hey Silvana! Found your pull through yet?”

So for all you newbie RV’rs, just learn from my ignorance with this RV tip so you don’t become fodder for jokes among the camping community!