Road Trips


Road Trips

Few things are more all-American than the classic family road trip. Since Henry Ford invented the car and President Dwight Eisenhower built the interstate highway system, road trips have been the iconic family vacation.

At TravelingMom, we are road warriors. We think nothing of jumping in a car in Michigan and driving to Orlando for few days of fun in the sun at Disney World. Or starting in Connecticut and ending in Kentucky. Or driving from Texas to Canada. And back again.

We know how to entertain kids on long car rides. We have advice on how often you should stop and let the kids run free. We know what you need to do to prep your car before big road trips.

We have advice on the best road trip routes. We know where the great restaurants are off of the interstates. And we know that sometimes not taking the interstate makes for better road trips.

Road Trip Tips

The TravelingMom family travel experts have been there. With kids. We’ve taken long road trips, short road trips, and holiday road trips. We travel with lots of kids and make our own playlists. We’ve got the secrets to travel snacks that keep kids happy without filling them with empty calories.

We even know how to make the best of a potty stop on road trips—and how to keep from having to make a potty stop every 10 minutes.

Read on to find out what we’ve learned on our road trips. Learn from our mistakes, follow our tips and make your family vacation road trip the best it can be.

If you don’t find what you need here, visit our TravelingMom Facebook page and post your question there. Chances are good someone will know the answer. That’s because TravelingMom’s family travel experts have been there.

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