Terri Marshall, Globetrotting TravelingGrandmom

Terri Marshall, Globetrotting TravelingGrandmom

Terri left her life in the South after her kids grew up, to move to New York City and start a new career as a travel writer. She is happiest when she’s globetrotting and loves bringing stories of her adventures to her readers. She is the mom of two amazing adults, and the proud Grandmom of three beautiful little ones – who believe she lives in the airport. You can learn more about Terri and her work at Tripping With Terri.

Grandparents Guide to Toy Story Land

For a grandmom, nothing’s better than playing with the grandkids. With the recent opening of Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll find an entire park dedicated to playing. It all happens in Andy’s backyard. Our Globetrotting Grandmom checked it out. She’s bringing you the complete Disney Toy Story Land guide for grandparents including ride information, tips on dining and where to find the best souvenirs. Gather up the Grandkids and Head to Disney’s Toy Story Land! You’re never too old to play. Experts tell us that play can alleviate stress, is good for your heart and can...

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3 Best Multigenerational Family Vacation Ideas

Multigenerational family vacations are priceless. But when it comes to planning, choosing the right location is key to a stress-free memory making trip. Our Globetrotting TravelingGrandmom’s family spans four generations and ranges in age from 7 to 79 with interests all over the map. When she’s planning a getaway for her group, she focuses on a place that provides just the right amount of time together balanced with enough space to keep everyone sane. It’s all about location, location, location! Planning a multigenerational family vacation always begins with choosing the right destination. The goal is to make priceless memories...

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5 Of The USA’s Best Family Road Trips

Growing up, family road trips were always on the calendar for our Globetrotting Grandmom’s summer vacations. She’s continued the tradition as an adult enjoying road trips with her children and now her grandchildren. She’s even have some Thelma and Louise adventures across the country. From winding mountain roads to coastal drives along the ocean to straight stretches of land in the heartland, she’s traveled all types of highways and byways. Knowing it’s hard to decide which road to take, she’s sharing 5 of the best. So many roads, so much beauty to explore! There’s a reason Katherine Lee described...

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Off the Beaten Path: 5 Cool Things to Do In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a city of reinvention. When the steel industry collapsed, finding a new identity was necessary to bring the city back to life. Today, Pittsburg has consistently ranked as a top destination. From a history built on ketchup and pickles, to a very cool brewpub, and to a funky and unlikely bridge of peace to the world, this is a city of surprises. Check out these cool things to do in Pittsburgh, discovered by Globetrotting Traveling Grandmom. 5 Cool Things to Do In Pittsburgh 1. Check Out Pittsburgh’s Connection to the World at the Heinz History Museum...

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5 Not To Be Missed Experiences In Quebec City

Sophisticated and possessing an abundance of European charm, Quebec City is an ideal Canadian destination in any season. Celebrate winter, snow and ice at Carnaval de Quebec. Spring and summer bring sunshine, flowers, and festivals celebrating history and music. Autumn has its own beauty, as trees don their cloaks of warm colors. No matter which season you choose, our Globetrotting Grandmom says there are plenty of unique Quebec City experiences waiting for you and your family. It’s hard not to fall in love with Quebec City Quebec City brings a touch of France to North America with its historic...

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Texas Road Trip to Cadillac Ranch, Where Cars Become Art

Americans have been taking road trips across this big beautiful land from east to west and back again for centuries. It all started with the pioneers. Of course, those hearty souls did it without actual roads. Fortunately, our highway system (and vehicles) have come a long way since those horse-drawn wagons with wooden wheels. Our Globetrotting Grandmom drove a sporty Ford Mustang on this Texas road trip. And she saw the iconic Cadillac Ranch, a one-of-a-kind roadside attraction. Funky roadside attractions? Yes, please! Roadside attractions have always fascinated me. Maybe it stems from all the road trips I took...

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Why You Should Add McAllen, Texas to Your Travel Plans

As home to the World Birding Center’s headquarters, McAllen, Texas, has always been a favorite of avid bird watchers. But this Rio Grande Valley gem has much more to offer. Consider the city’s rich history as a border city with Mexico, a thriving arts community and an incredibly delicious culinary scene. Our Globetrotting Grandmom shares her favorite McAllen, Texas highlights. McAllen, Texas is a place of surprising discoveries Located just five miles from the US-Mexico border, McAllen, Texas, has always been well-known in bird watching circles. It’s also home to the National Butterfly Center, with over 200 species of butterflies, including...

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What You Need to Know When Planning an African Safari

Experiencing an African safari is a bucket list adventure. But planning your first safari can be overwhelming. What company should you choose? What’s the best month to go?  What should you pack? And what African country should you focus on? There’s a lot to consider for this bucket list trip. Our Globetrotting TravelingGrandmom recently planned a spectacular safari experience in Tanzania for a group of eight. She has all the tips for planning a safari that will take your breath away! Feeling the Call of the Wild?  Everyone has a bucket list of some type—even if it’s not written...

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Why You Should Visit Chicago Southland

Travel outside Chicago just a few miles to the south/southwest, and you’ll discover the unique suburban landscape known as Chicago Southland. From train-themed attractions for rail fans, to outdoor art showcasing the area’s history, to a national monument, there are plenty of things to do in Chicago Southland. Whether you explore on a day trip from Chicago or stay overnight, it’s a destination worth discovering. Our Globetrotting Grandmom spent some time in these unique communities. Here are some of her discoveries. Discover All the Things to do in Chicago Southland I’ve visited the Windy City many times—it’s one of...

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5 Tips For Tackling New York City With Kids

Tackling New York City with kids can be a challenge. There’s so much to see and do and it’s tempting to load up the itinerary until everyone’s feet hurt and the little ones start to whine. Our Globetrotting Grandmom lives in New York City and loves it when her grandkids come to visit. She’s learned how to make each New York City visit special and whine free. She’s sharing her tips for tackling New York City with kids. Things are different when Grandmom lives in New York City When my grandkids go over the river and through the woods...

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