Sarah Ricks, World TravelingMom

Sarah Ricks, World TravelingMom

Sarah loves discovering what’s unique about a place, its history, food, architecture and culture. She explores Philadelphia when she isn't traveling for fun or for work as a law professor. Both her college-age kids have been enthusiastic travelers since they were tiny. Follow her as Very Hungry Traveller on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. Recent: Spain, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Chile, Israel, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Croatia, London, Korea, New York, California.

Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge: Is it Worth the Money? 

Is experiencing the magic of Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge worth the price tag? World TravelingMom and her family stayed at Disney’s African safari themed hotel for three days this summer.  Now she’s returned with a full review.  Here’s what you need to know to decide whether Disney’s Animal Kingdom Hotel is a good fit for your family. My husband and two college-aged kids spent three nights at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Hotel. Here’s our take on whether it’s worth the money. Is Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge like a safari hotel? Yes, it is! The hotel is set on a 40+...

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Complete Summer Packing List for Europe

Packing for a summer trip is a challenge. And a summer packing list for Europe is even more challenging. Since you might hike a mountain path one day, visit a church the next, and eat dinner that night at an outdoor café. World TravelingMom has the scoop on what you need on your Europe packing list for summer. Questions to ask for your Europe packing list for summer Before packing for your summer travels to Europe, start by asking these three questions. 1. Where are you traveling in Europe? Europe is a big continent. Our summer packing list for Europe...

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What to Visit in Sicily: 12 Places Not to Miss

Sicily, Italy is an island of contrasts, says World TravelingMom. Things to do in Sicily include visiting a volcano and Greek and Roman ruins, exploring outdoor food markets, and enjoying winetasting at vineyards. In a week exploring Sicily, she toured gold-mosaicked churches, tasted delicious street food, and even ate dinner in a cave. Choosing what to visit in Sicily was easy because La Rosa Works Sicily Tours tailored the itinerary. 12 Things to do in Sicily 1. Notice the mix of cultures 2. Greek, Roman, even older ruins 3. Outdoor food markets 4. Etna Volcano 5. Taormina 6. Wine...

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Montenegro: BEST Place in Europe You’ve Never Heard of

Would you enjoy dramatic mountain scenery and hiking along a glacial lake? Montenegro travel is that, plus exploring beautiful medieval stone towns, rocky Adriatic coastline – all within a short drive or boat trip. Plus, Montenegro highlights include a plunging canyon, a church only reachable by boat, and delicious food. World TravelingMom recommends Montenegro travel to check out the stunning beauty of this hidden gem in Europe. Montenegro Travel My husband and I spent a week exploring Montenegro on a Classic Journeys tour. We enjoyed Montenegro’s stunning mountains, coast, and medieval stone towns. Plus, its local wines and delicious...

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9 Foods You Must Try in Sicily, Italy

The challenge of what to eat in Sicily, says World TravelingMom, is the temptation to eat it all. Food in Sicily is irresistible. Sicily travel has to include arancini, granita, cannoli, and other foods at the core of Sicilian identity. La RosaWorks Sicily Tours and Travel brought her to street carts, vineyards, open air markets, and restaurants where food in Sicily was always fresh, local, and memorable. 9 Foods You Must Try in Sicily, Italy 1. Arancini 2. Pasta alla norma 3. Granita 4. Cannoli 5. Crusty bread with olive oil 6. Pesce spada alla siciliana 7. Ricotta with...

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Cool Things to do in Memphis with Kids –  Music, Food & Fun  

Grab your family and head to Memphis, Tennessee, says World TravelingMom. For food, music, fun and educational things to do in Memphis with kids, check out these ideas. And better drop a few pounds before you arrive in Memphis. Because the food is delicious. If you stay downtown, you can walk to the great music and history museums, Beale Street, and restaurants. Cool Things to do in Memphis with Kids 1. National Civil Rights Museum 2. Visit Memphis kids’ museums 3. Hike the Bridge 4. Music museums 5. Walk it Off in Shelby Farms Park 6. Things to do in...

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Romantic Fun in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

If you’ve visited Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you know that nearby Gatlinburg, Tennessee is chock-a-block with family fun. But is there romantic fun in Gatlinburg? Yes, turns out there’s plenty! World TravelingMom and her husband just returned with tips for Gatlinburg activities for couples. Like sipping moonshine, listening to authentic bluegrass, ziplining, taking in the mountain views, and more. Romantic Fun in Gatlinburg, Tennessee 1. Mountain Views in Gatlinburg. 2. Ziplining is the most romantic adventure in Gatlinburg! 3. Cheers to Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine. 4. Rocking to a Bluegrass band. 5. Hiking Trails. 6. Great Smoky National...

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4 Reasons South Africa Belongs on Your Bucket List

World TravelingMom visited South Africa to see lions, elephants, zebra, and rhinos in the wild on safari. She and her family loved the stunning physical beauty of Cape Town’s mountains, beaches, and sea views. And also South Africa’s version of the Grand Canyon and wine tasting at South Africa’s beautiful vineyards. Plus, South Africa’s tragic racial history is emotionally challenging but inspiring. Can these four reasons put South Africa on the bucket list? 4 Reasons South Africa Belongs on Your Bucket List Adventure 1. South Africa Safari 2. Natural beauty puts South Africa on the bucket list 3. Wine...

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South Africa’s Inspiring Apartheid History Museums

South African museums tell the tragic and ultimately uplifting story of apartheid history in South Africa. Before Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa, he served 27 years in prison. The apartheid government of South Africa imprisoned political leaders who opposed segregating races. In South Africa, World TravelingMom learned the fascinating story of how South Africans overturned the apartheid government and elected Mandela President, from several excellent history museums. My husband and I visited South Africa for its stunning natural beauty and to see elephants, giraffes, and lions on safari. But we also visited South Africa to learn its...

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Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Philadelphia 2018

Spring cherry blossoms are beautiful. But if you do not want to deal with the crowds in Washington DC, check out cherry blossoms in Philadelphia instead. In April, consider visiting Philly to celebrate sakura, the arrival of cherry blossoms, in a more low key way. World Traveling Mom recommends where to see cherry blossoms in Philadelphia. Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Philadelphia Celebrating the arrival of cherry blossoms is a traditional Japanese way to appreciate the beauty of life. In fact, this tradition has a name, Sakura. And Philly is lucky to have hundreds of cherry trees. The...

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