Lisa O'Driscoll, Do It All TravelingMom

Lisa O'Driscoll, Do It All TravelingMom

Lisa O’Driscoll is a former kindergarten teacher turned blogger living in Sarasota, Florida with her hubby and two daughters. She’s backpacked several times through Europe (well, she had a carry-on but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it), studied Portuguese in Brazil, and loves vacationing in the Caribbean. When it comes to travel, she wants to do it all and her ultimate travel dream is to be on The Amazing Race! You’ll find Lisa writing about parenting, food, travel and more at Fun Money Mom.

7 Family Friendly Things To Do in Clearwater FL

Clearwater, Florida may be known for its sugar sand beaches, but there’s are a lot more family friendly things to do in Clearwater than just lounge near the water. From nightly sunset festivals to celebrity dolphins, choose from many fun things to do that everyone in the family will enjoy. In fact, Do It All TravelingMom says you may just need to book a few extra vacation days to squeeze in these 7 family friendly things to do in Clearwater, Florida. 7 Family Friendly Things To Do In Clearwater, FL 1. Hang Out On Clearwater Beach 2. Enjoy The...

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Hotel Review: Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach, Florida

Are you planning a Clearwater Beach vacation? If so, why not do it in style? With a perfect location just across the street from the beach, a great selection of restaurants and attractions within walking distance, and a spectacular view that can’t be beat, the Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach in Florida is definitely worth checking out. When even the alarm clocks have their own special features, you know it’s going to be good. I love a beach getaway! When my husband and I found ourselves kid-free while the girls were at my parent’s house, we decided to take a...

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Pretty and Practical – The Summer’s Best Beach Bags

Planning a summer beach vacation with the family? From sunscreen to sunglasses, you’ll need to pack a lot of stuff. Bringing the right beach bag is essential but it’s not enough to have just a roomy bag. You’ll want your beach bag to be cute too. From florals to flamingos and everything in between, these pretty beach bags have everyone covered. Throw in some beach towels and go enjoy the sunshine! Traveling Mom uses affiliate links that may pay us if you purchase through them. Thanks for your support. When you’re heading to the beach, you need a lot...

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Toy Story Land Opening June 30: A Sneak Peek

Is your family planning a trip to Disney World this summer? If so, you definitely won’t want to miss the Toy Story Land opening at Hollywood Studios. With all new Walt Disney World attractions built around the Toy Story theme, this is the most anticipated Disney event of the summer. Find out just what you can expect in this sneak peek and learn where you’ll need to keep an eye out for “the claw”. I just returned from Walt Disney World where everybody is talking about the exciting things coming to Hollywood Studios! Between the new Toy Story Land...

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How To Make Magical Disney Cruise Door Magnets

Is your family planning a Disney cruise line vacation? You may not know it but there’s a lot that goes into getting ready for a Disney cruise! There are pirate costumes to put together, fish extenders to work on and, of course, you’ll need Disney cruise door magnets. While some may customize and order theirs online, it’s a lot more fun to make them yourself…and it’s a lot easier than you’d think! Disclaimer: Traveling Mom uses affiliate links that may pay us if you purchase through them. Thanks for your support. If you’ve never taken a Disney Cruise, you...

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11 Reasons All Inclusive Memories Splash Punta Cana Works for Families

Planning a family vacation to the Caribbean? If you’re looking for a fun yet affordable all inclusive resort, Memories Splash Punta Cana is worth checking out. Located on the eastern end of the Dominican Republic, this resort features plenty of activities to keep both the parents and the kids happy. With beautiful beaches, amazing pools and the Caribbean’s largest water park, your family just may not want to go home again. 11 Reasons All-Inclusive Memories Splash Punta Cana Works for Families 1. Everything Is Paid For 2. It’s Affordable 3. Hotel Rooms Are Spacious 4. Kid’s Club/Teen Hangout Allow...

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8 Tips For Harry Potter Fans Visiting Hogsmeade

Planning a family vacation to Universal Orlando Resort? While there’s something for everyone, these tips for Harry Potter Fans visiting Hogsmeade will help make it an experience to remember. From catching a ride on board the Hogwart’s Express to enjoying a cup of Butterbeer, you’ll feel like you’ve just been transported into a Harry Potter book or movie. Don’t forget to stop and peek in the windows along the way…you may just happen upon some fun surprises. 8 Tips For Harry Potter Fans Visiting Hogsmeade 1. Watch A Wand Pick Its Owner At Ollivander’s Wand Shop 2. Cast Spells...

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13 Things To Know About Dining On The Disney Dream

Planning a Disney cruise vacation? Dining on the Disney Dream may just be the best part of your trip. From chatting with Crush the sea turtle at Animator’s Plate to the not-so-hidden glass slippers at the Royal Palace, there’s a lot you may not know about the Disney Dream restaurants. Find out how Disney turns dining into a magical experience and what three words put a smile on every child’s face. One of the best parts of any Disney cruise is the food and if you’re planning a vacation aboard the Disney Dream, you won’t be disappointed. There is...

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11 Typhoon Lagoon Tips: Essential Survival Guide

Is visiting Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon included in your Orlando itinerary? If not, you’re missing out! From thrilling waterslides to a surf pool with six foot waves, there are no shortage of exciting things to do. Want something a little more relaxing? Float along the lazy river or throw your towel on a beach chair and take it easy instead. Whatever you decide to do, these Typhoon Lagoon tips will help make an amazing day even better. In all the times I’d been to Orlando, visiting Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon had never been on my Orlando itinerary. After finally getting the...

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16 Of The Best Car Accessories Every Traveling Mom Should Have

Planning a road trip with the kids? Road trips can be a great bonding time for families or they can have you desperately counting the miles until you arrive at your destination. Being prepared makes all the difference because if the kids are happy, everybody’s happy! All it just takes is a little planning.  It also doesn’t hurt to bring along the best car accessories for keeping kids entertained, organized and comfortable! I’ve learned from experience that road trips with the kids can be as easy or difficult as you make them. Throw the kids in the car with...

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