Mary Dixon Lebeau, Storyteller TravelingMom

Mary Dixon Lebeau, Storyteller TravelingMom

Mary Dixon Lebeau was forced into East Coast travel. A Jersey girl herself, Mary married a guy from New England who has a penchant for Florida, so she has become acquainted with - and loves - all the wonderful sites from Caribou, Maine to Key West, Florida. Mary is also adept at creating vacations that are "one size fits all." The mother of five (ranging from "Expedition Everest" to "Dumbo"), she has become skilled at planning for all ages, collecting kiddie swap passes and making sure everyone is happy (sometimes all at the same time). A former newspaper columnist, Mary is now a freelance writer whose work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Parents, Parenting, Pregnancy, Conceive and Family Circle (are you sensing a theme?). She was also the former travel editor at REAL Magazine (RIP). Her essays have appeared in such publications as the Christian Science Monitor, God Allows U Turns, and four different editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Christmas in the City: Holiday Events in Philadelphia

It’s Christmastime in the city – the City of Brotherly Love, that is. The numerous holiday events in Philadelphia truly run the gamut, and each one is designed to set your holiday spirit aglow. Check out this list of holiday happenings, and come to Philly to make some Philadelphia holiday traditions of your own. During the busy month of December, my family celebrates a holiday of our very own. It’s a floating holiday, scheduled around our demands, our meetings, our final exams. We call it “Ditch Day,” the day we ditch work, school and house responsibilities. Instead, we devote...

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