Mary Dixon Lebeau, EastCoast TravelingMom

Mary Dixon Lebeau, EastCoast TravelingMom

Mary Dixon Lebeau was forced into East Coast travel. A Jersey girl herself, Mary married a guy from New England who has a penchant for Florida, so she has become acquainted with - and loves - all the wonderful sites from Caribou, Maine to Key West, Florida. Mary is also adept at creating vacations that are "one size fits all." The mother of five (ranging from "Expedition Everest" to "Dumbo"), she has become skilled at planning for all ages, collecting kiddie swap passes and making sure everyone is happy (sometimes all at the same time). A former newspaper columnist, Mary is now a freelance writer whose work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Parents, Parenting, Pregnancy, Conceive and Family Circle (are you sensing a theme?). She was also the former travel editor at REAL Magazine (RIP). Her essays have appeared in such publications as the Christian Science Monitor, God Allows U Turns, and four different editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Road Trips Forever – 7 Reasons I Prefer Driving To Flying

Headed to the TravelingMom Retreat in Orlando – or anywhere from Maine to Florida – our EastCoast TravelingMom would always rather drive than fly. Learn the 7 reasons why she says, for her, it’s road trips forever – and how a Ford Explorer made this trek particularly comfortable.   On The Road Again The time – 3 a.m. The date – April 25, a Tuesday The characters – one perky teen, one world-weary 20-something, one excited 6 year old newcomer to road trips, one total theme park fanatic, and me The route – New Jersey to Orlando, and a...

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