Judy Antell, Vegetarian TravelingMom

Judy Antell, Vegetarian TravelingMom

Judy Antell is the Free in 50 States editor of TravelingMom. Judy lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with her husband and three daughters. The vegetarian family loves to visit the farmer’s market for local, organic produce. They have bicycled in Europe, skied downhill and cross country across the US, and hit the beaches all over the Caribbean. They visit cities and small towns around the country, always seeking vegetarian food – and chocolate. Read her blog, http://wheelsandeats.blogspot.com

Dog friendly DC: Exploring the Capital with a Canine

When Vegetarian TravelingMom Judy Antell would bring her young children to Washington, DC, they had to balance museum going with running around. Now that her kids are older and she brings the dog, she has to do the same thing, plus add finding a dog friendly hotel. Read on to learn how it can be done. Washington, DC has many family friendly destinations, but did you know it is also dog friendly? We spent a few days in the capital, dog in tow. Our hotel, Canopy by Hilton, welcomed dogs. And families. Instead of a manager, the hotel has...

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Essential Travel: A Weekender’s Guide to Brooklyn, NY

Seen all the sights in Manhattan? Discover Brooklyn. Vegetarian TravelingMom Judy Antell moved to the borough in graduate school and never left. After raising three daughters here, she is a huge champion of Brooklyn. And she holds out hope that she can one day introduce grandchildren to its delights. Spend a weekend in Brooklyn. Or a lifetime. Many tourists only see Brooklyn from its iconic bridge, walking over from Manhattan and then returning. But Brooklyn, larger than Manhattan and filled with museums, restaurants, parks and beaches, deserves its own trip. Here are some highlights for a weekend in Brooklyn....

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Gateway to Fun: 17 Fun FREE Things to Do in St. Louis

As a college student in St. Louis, MO, many years ago, Vegetarian TravelingMom Judy Antell took advantage of free fun around the city. The Anheuser-Busch Brewery topped the list. On a recent trip, she discovered even more free things to do in St. Louis. One of the most exciting is the new museum under the Gateway Arch, opening July 3. Returning to a place where you used to live can be jarring. I spent five years in St. Louis, Missouri, in college and graduate school, but hadn’t been back since my 10th college reunion. Let’s just say it was...

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Saint Paul for Families: 5 Best Activities

Saint Paul MN, aka ‘the other twin city’ has many free family activities. But if you want to spend some money, Saint Paul has you covered, too. After visiting Minneapolis several times, Vegetarian TravelingMom Judy Antell had a chance to explore Saint Paul. Here are five of the best activities for families. On previous trips to the Twin Cities, I only went to Minneapolis. But I felt bad about neglecting Saint Paul and spent a recent long weekend exploring the city. While the city is smaller, there are many things to do in St. Paul MN. While downtown attractions...

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13 Free Things to Do in Saint Paul MN: Free Family Fun

Have you been told not to favor one child over another? The Twin Cities have unique charms, and after several trips to Minneapolis, Vegetarian TravelingMom Judy Antell discovered that Saint Paul, MN excels in free family fun. No choosing favorites here. Why not explore both sides of the Mississippi? And see what is free in Saint Paul. 13 Free Things to Do in Saint Paul MN Over several visits to the Twin Cities, I realized that I had still not been to Saint Paul, MN. We always stuck to Minneapolis, the larger and better known city. But on our...

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Philly Love: Run, Eat, Repeat

Philadelphia is a compact ‘walking’ city – which means it’s also great for running. The city hosts annual events, from 5Ks to marathons, that are a fun way to see the city. And Philly has plenty of great food for pre- and post race fueling. Vegetarian TravelingMom Judy Antell ran the Philadelphia Love Run half marathon, and found plenty more to love. The stars aligned for my first destination run. My sister wanted me to run the Philadelphia Love Run half marathon with her. This was the same weekend my daughter would be in Philly for admitted student day...

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Be a Culture Vulture for Free: Smithsonian’s Museum Day Live!

Taking the kids to a museum can just about break the family budget. We know! That’s why we love this annual treat from our favorite free museum organization, the Smithsonian. Find out how you can score 2 free tickets to hundreds of museums for admission on Sept. 22, 2018! Smithsonian Museum Day Live! The Smithsonian Institution’s annual free museum day, Museum Day Live!, returns on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Beginning August 15, 2018, museums around the country will let you download a ticket, good for free admission for two people. The list of museums includes well-known gems such as the Newseum...

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Five Courses at 5 of the Best Restaurants in San Francisco

  San Francisco is a progressive city, so why not have a progressive dinner? Over a long weekend in San Francisco, Vegetarian TravelingMom Judy Antell ate very well at several restaurants around the city. If you want to sample as much of San Francisco’s great cuisine as possible in a short amount of time, this curated list highlights a 5-star hotel and 5-star restaurants in San Francisco. San Francisco probably has more Michelin starred restaurants packed into its hilly streets than any city in the United States. My husband, younger daughter and I spent a couple of days with...

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Food and Fun: San Francisco Family Adventures

  Do you like city and scenery? Great food and outdoor activities? TravelingMom Judy Antell ratcheted up San Francisco family adventures with a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge, a walking tour of Chinatown and delicious restaurants. Visiting our college age daughter during winter term in Minnesota isn’t as appealing as meeting her in San Francisco. So when she had an Ultimate Frisbee tournament nearby, we made the ultimate sacrifice and planned a trip there in last month. Outdoor activities can be iffy in the city any time of year, but we lucked into a long weekend of sunny...

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Timeless Travel: History and Time Travel on NBC

Is time travel on your bucket list? Most of us can’t enter a time machine and visit different locations in different time periods. But Timeless on NBC, now in its second season, has its characters do just that. And the period details and historical facts unearthed make this timeless travel appealing to armchair adventurers and real life explorers. When you have visited every place you’ve ever wanted to see, what’s next? How about exploring another time period? Timeless on NBC makes this look easy, with a time machine that transports its characters to important historical times. But even without...

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