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Our guest authors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but each has something unique to contribute for the traveling mom.

7 Indulgent Things to Do on Amelia Island, FL on a Mother-Daughter Getaway

Looking for the perfect mother-daughter getaway? Guest author Beth and her mom enjoyed a mother-daughter weekend in Amelia Island and found the best spots for shopping, dining, exploring and enjoying a little self-indulgence. Ready for a luxurious visit? Here are seven indulgent things to do on Amelia Island, FL on a mother-daughter getaway. 7 Indulgent Things to Do on Amelia Island, FL 1. Visit a Spa 2. Go Shopping 3. Learn the History of Amelia Island 4. Dine with a Beautiful View of the Ocean 5. Visit a State Park and Hunt for Shark’s Teeth 6. Enjoy cocktails on...

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Why It’s Okay to Splurge on a Family Vacation to Australia

Australia isn’t the first destination that comes to mind when you think “budget vacation.” But it’s certainly a destination where you can make some unforgettable family memories. Guest author Beth Graham shares why a family vacation to Australia is worth the splurge and a great family vacation destination. She’ll share the really important must-see activities and offer some budget-friendly options for transportation and dining. When my college-aged son announced he wanted to study abroad in Australia, my first thought was, “Cool! Now I have an excuse to visit!”  I quickly took out that bucket list and prepared to cross...

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4 Fun Things to Do in Anchorage as a Family

As the starting or ending point for many Alaskan cruises, Anchorage is more than just an airport stop. Extend your family’s adventure by adding a few days to the beginning or end of your voyage. More time will give your kids the opportunity to experience the majesty of the Alaskan interior. Get the inside scoop on four of this multigenerational family’s favorite things to do in Anchorage to uncover a feel for the “real Alaska.” 4 Fun Things to Do in Anchorage as a Family Unless you’re taking a round trip Alaskan cruise out of Seattle or Vancouver, you’re...

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8 Kid-Friendly Wineries in the US that Offer Fun Activities

“Kid-friendly winery” may sound like an oxymoron, but astute vineyard owners are getting wise to the fact that wine tasting is a popular and rapidly growing ‘sport’ among mommies and daddies. So they’re creating activities and spaces just to entertain the little ones while the adults imbibe. From “wine” (grape juice) tastings to petting zoos to outdoor sports, here are some of the best kid-friendly wineries in the US. Let’s face it. Wine tasting is a popular activity these days for parents, but some wineries aren’t the most family-friendly places. No worries. Guest Author Beth Graham pinpoints some of...

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The Ultimate Key West Weekend Itinerary

A visit to Key West, Florida is a trip like no other. A vibrant island located at the southern tip of the Florida Keys, Key West is the land of tropical sunshine, amazing water activities, and a lively downtown known for its haunting history and world-famous sunsets. It’s the ideal spot for a weekend jaunt – as relaxing or invigorating as you want it to be. Here’s an itinerary for a weekend in Key West to help get your adventure started! Though Key West is only four miles long, it is jam-packed with enough gems to easily fill a week....

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Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort Review: A Family Friendly Florida Keys Hotel

Just an hour south of Miami is Key Largo, the northernmost of the Florida Keys. A stay at the Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort, a family friendly Florida Keys hotel, was just what this Traveling Mom needed to put her and her family in a sunny mood. Key Largo Bay Marriot Beach Resort Review Boasting a tropical waterfront setting, the Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort sprawls across 17 acres along the Gulf of Mexico, only an hour’s drive from Miami. This family-friendly Florida Keys hotel had everything my family needs: lots of things to do, great dining...

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How to Take a Self-Guided Austrian Biking Tour: Successful Tips

Thinking of taking a guided tour of a European country but don’t want to be “herded” from place to place? Not sure if you feel comfortable exploring a country entirely on your own? Here’s a happy solution. Try a self-guided Austrian cycling tour that arranges your hotel and meals. The tour also provides step-by-step directions on how to get from one place to the next. Be independent while having the guidance of an “unseen” tour guide! My husband and I usually plan our trips by ourselves. Of course,this means scouring websites, comparing open-jaw versus round trip flights and searching...

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7 Reasons to Make Worlds of Fun WinterFest with Kids a New Holiday Tradition

Begin a new family tradition this year with Worlds of Fun Winterfest in Kansas City, Missouri! Holiday cheer will surround you with millions of spectacular holiday lights, 10 world-class live festive shows, 25 rides, a 7-story Christmas tree, mouth-watering treats, ice-skating, a 300′ tree of lights, and the best part of it all – every night it snows, regardless of the temperature outside. Here are seven reasons to make Worlds of Fun WinterFest with kids a new holiday tradition. Worlds of Fun has successfully expanded their open dates from being a one-season theme park (and a brief period around Halloween)...

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The Disney Difference: A Family Vacation Tour of Arizona and Utah

An Adventures by Disney tour of Arizona and Utah left this Traveling Mom teary-eyed. Why? She calls it the “Disney difference.” Find out why this family vacation tour brought her family closer together and created memories they could not have gotten any other way. Adventures by Disney Family Vacation Tour On the last night of our Arizona/Utah Adventures by Disney, they hosted a farewell dinner. As my family and I were walking to the dinner, I picked up my camera to start vlogging our experience. As I started talking about our week long Adventures by Disney trip, I started...

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5 Weird Things to See in Cleveland that Won’t Cost you a Penny

Cleveland has given us Superman, Pierogis, and Rock and Roll. But, there’s much more to this lakeside Midwestern city to discover. A new book, Secret Cleveland: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure, points readers to some of the lessor known attractions and shares some of Cleveland’s hidden secrets, including some located in plain sight! If you’re looking for weird things to see in Cleveland, look no further. 5 Weird and Free Things to Do in Cleveland When you think of Cleveland, I doubt weird is a word that you would use to describe this city full of art,...

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