Christine Tibbetts, Cultural Heritage TMOM

Christine Tibbetts, Cultural Heritage TMOM

Christine Tibbetts believes family travel is shared discovery -- almost like having a secret among generations who travel together. She's Destinations Editor and writing coach for TravelingMom. The matriarch of a big blended clan with many adventuresome traveling members, she is a classically-trained journalist. Christine handled PR and marketing accounts for four decades, specializing in tourism, the arts, education, politics and community development.  She builds travel features with depth interviews and abundant musing to uncover the soul of each place.

13 Saratoga Springs, NY, Summer Pleasures

  Why such widespread enthusiasm about Saratoga Springs?  Cultural Heritage TravelingMom headed to New York state to find out. Her tips can take you to the performing arts center, downtown, state park, city park and racetrack. They’re close to each other and the cosmos too! These tips ring true for girlfriend getaways, romantic travel and family fun. Solo travel too.   13 Saratoga Springs, NY, Summer Pleasures Art, music and the cosmos collided in pleasurable ways throughout the Saratoga Springs, New York 2018 summer season. They’re shaping up to do so again in 2019. That’s because the Saratoga Performing...

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What’s Coming Soon To Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World’s creative teams say Hollywood Studios is transforming. That’s why TravelingMom explored the park to spill the beans about the Disney future plans details. Guess what? They found transformation tips about other newness too! Peek behind the scenes to see what plans you can make. Feeling giddy with anticipation of entering Walt Disney World’s newest wonder – Toy Story Land – is only the beginning of immersion excitement. Firm details point to even more coming in Hollywood Studios and beyond. Cultural Heritage TravelingMom reports the facts. Future Plans For Disney: Look At Some Details Star Wars: Galaxy’s...

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Prepare To Be Charmed: 5 Perfect Things To Do On St. Simons Island

Expecting more than relaxation in a handsome resort that hugs the ocean feels selfish. Why isn’t resort life sufficient? Cultural Heritage TravelingMom allowed herself plenty of feet-up time on Georgia’s barrier island named St. Simons. She also figured out how to launch invigorating discoveries from her three nights at the King and Prince Resort and Golf Club and still claim a luxurious beach vacation in the Golden Isles.   Prepare To Be Charmed: 5 Perfect Things To Do On St. Simons Island Island life is like time travel for me. A whole new world unfolded on St. Simons Island...

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A Hard Truth: The Civil Rights Movement in Jackson MS

Looking for some new ways to understand the civil rights quest in America? So is Cultural Heritage TravelingMom. That’s why she staked out a learning vacation in Jackson, Mississippi. See what you think of her tips for delving deeper in current history using art and music and good food.   Ever met a curator of art and civil rights? Quite a combo. Consider this a clue that civil rights history in Jackson, Mississippi shows up in all sorts of intriguing and engaging ways. Sure it’s tough. Hard truth. History that matters mightily. In Jackson, people who live those truths...

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Experience The Civil Rights Trail

Roaming 14 states and their significant landmarks seems a bit much for one trek along the South’s new Civil Rights Trail. That’s why Cultural Heritage TravelingMom breaks it down in some meaningful chunks. Build your journey with her tips and experiences involving museums, churches, courthouses and neighborhoods. Meeting the people in those places tells the story best. Traveling with intention to understand America’s quest for social justice just got easier. That’s the gift of the Civil Rights Trail launched in 2018 by TravelSouthUSA. Imagine the chance to talk to people in 14 states, collectively knowing thousands of real stories...

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Experience The Ancient World In Kid-Friendly LaGrange, Georgia

  If vacationing in a Biblical History Center sounds too churchy for you, follow Cultural Heritage TravelingMom’s footsteps to find why LaGrange, Georgia is an ancient world exploration with plenty of action and experiences. She has tips of other fun things to do in LaGrange too, including America’s newest Great Wolf Lodge. Digging in the dirt reveals real-deal ancient treasures, when kids become junior archaeologists in a diverse and interesting town 66 miles southwest of Atlanta. That’s where the Biblical History Center replicates the feel of family life mentioned in Bible stories. Plenty of hands-on experiences crop up on...

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11 Ways This Small Town Delivers Excellence: Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

  Gotta take big city vacations to dive into fine dining, interesting conversations, distinctive lodging, right? Cultural Heritage TravelingMom tested the opposite notion in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, population touching 1,000. On a small town getaway, she found deeply contented people engaged in lively, sophisticated enterprises they share with visitors. Here’s how to access the excellence. 11 Ways This Small Town Delivers Excellence: Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin Small town getaway is likely to rival road trip as a travel category, like cruising or beach bumming, after a few days in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Happened to me. Here it is easy to...

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5 Ways To Explore Roswell, GA, Atlanta’s Northern Suburb

Why bother with the suburbs when the main city is spectacular?  Cultural Heritage TravelingMom tested that question, skipping over Atlanta to seek the vibe in Roswell, Georgia, 20 miles to the north. Her results were solid, with day trips into the metro still possible. And, she found an incredible first-ever-heard history tale.   5 Ways To Explore Roswell, GA, Atlanta’s Northern Suburb Atlanta’s northern suburb, Roswell tells stories of the South in ways visitors can walk right in. That means historic homes to tour, river waters to paddle, boardwalks to stroll over fragile wetlands, and paved paths to follow...

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Best Things To Do (And Eat) In Birmingham, AL

  The history of Birmingham, Alabama, is complex, so it’s no wonder following the Civil Rights Trail reveals many new possibilities.  Cultural Heritage TravelingMom found as many culinary and artistic surprises as vital American history stories. People with personal ties to the history still live here, and so do newcomers. Find out the things to do to immerse in all of the flavors of historic downtown Birmingham. For decades, I thought the things to do in Birmingham, Alabama meant civil rights history.  Start and finish.  Only stories with pain. I know better now after a three-day visit loaded with...

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Southeast Holiday Lights Celebrate Gardens, Regional Traditions Too

Where you are geographically makes a difference looking at dazzling holiday light shows. In the Southeast, many displays pay homage to the temperate region with LED bulbs and intricate scenes recreating the gardens, waterways and animals of the South. Sure you’ll find traditions and the stories that define the holidays, but here a traveling family can also  immerse in holiday lights that tell a story of treasures particularly southern too. There’s always a chance the weather will be easy-breezy for viewing holiday lights in the U.S. Southeast. It might even be warm enough to unbutton your sweater. Perhaps that’s why...

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