Margalit Sturm Francus

Margalit Sturm Francus

Margalit Sturm Francus has lived in five different countries on three continents, where she exposed and educated her own children about the world through. In 2009, she established a nonprofit website, Autistic Globetrotting, to inspire and encourage autistic families to explore the world. Her articles have appeared in many media publications, including The Friendship Circle, SATH, HuffPost and Blogher. By communicating with both the autistic and travel communities, she aims to raise autism awareness and facilitate the implementation of much-needed accommodations for special needs travelers.

Best Things to Do in Pasadena with Kids

One of L.A’s best-kept secrets is the quaint town of Pasadena. Famous for its annual Rose Parade the city is exceptionally family- friendly with top-notch museums, exquisite gardens, and ethnic restaurants. Here are the top places to stay, dine and explore when visiting Pasadena with kids. Pasadena is L.A. County’s ninth largest city and home to world-famous landmarks, including the Rose Bowl and Jet Propulsion Laboratory From cultural and historical locations to innovative food venues, the town offers visitors many great options to explore. Whether planning to attend this year’s Rose Parade or just ready to discover a new Los...

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Flying with Autism: Which Airline Seat is Best?

When flying with kids on the autism spectrum choosing the right airplane seat is key to a successful flight. To help parents decide which seats to book on their next flight, here is our list of the best airline seats when flying with autism. Flying with Autism: Which Airplane Seat is Best? When we first started flying with our family more than a decade ago, I pretty much booked any airplane seats I could find as long as the seats were close to each other. Like many parents to kids with autism, I  underestimated the importance of choosing the...

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Sheraton Park Hotel’s New MAX Program Helps Families with Autism

After hearing about the new MAX Program at the Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim resort, our Autism TravelingMom decided to see what the buzz was about. As she discovered, the trailblazing  program geared to families with autism is comprehensive and works well for most.   Last month, the Sheraton Park  Hotel at the Anaheim Resort introduced their MAX Program, geared towards helping families with autism. Invented to help and assist families, the MAX Program was created by Alexander Behuras, a high school teen, and hotel manager Ian Gee. Alexander thought a program geared towards helping families with autism was...

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What Disney’s D23 Expo taught Our Son with Autism

For most attendees, Disney’s D23 Expo spells fun and entertainment. For our family, the Expo will be remembered as a weekend filled with Disney magic that changed our son with autism. How Disney Magic at D23 Expo Change Our Son with Autism Disney’s D23 Expo is the ultimate experience for any Disney fan. The D23 Expo started back in 2009. It happens every two years at the Anaheim Convention Hall near Disneyland. The three-day event is filled with news, announcements, and costumes as well as Disney memorabilia. Last month, my son with autism and I attended the D23 Expo...

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Attending Disney’s D23 Expo on a Shoestring Budget

Attending the D23 Expo does not have to break your wallet. The Anaheim area is one of the more expensive destinations to explore in Southern California. Here’s how to you can still enjoy plenty of Disney magic on a budget. D23 Expo on a Budget Every two years, Disney hosts its fans at the magical D23 Expo in Southern California. The 2017 Expo will take place in Anaheim July 14-16. The D23 Expo includes exhibits, sneak peeks of future Disney movies, special celebrity appearances, and special presentations. There is also plenty of exclusive Disney giveaway swag and unique souvenirs...

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Our Family Adventure in Buena Park California

  The city of Buena Park is a good alternative for families touring the Anaheim area. With moderately priced lodging and food venues, as well as proximity to freeways, it provides a more affordable choice for travelers who wish to experience Southern California’s attractions on a budget.     When people think of family-friendly destinations in Southern California, Anaheim and San Diego come to mind. However, Buena Park, a hidden gem a couple of miles away from the Disneyland Resort, can also provide visitors hours of fun and entertainment. From Knotts Berry Farm to a Pirate Dinner, families with special needs...

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Eight Family Friendly Los Angeles Museums

 Though associated with theme parks and beaches, Los Angeles is home to several top notch museums. Moreover, many establishments have special programs for families and kids of different ages. So whether your kid is interested in art, paleontology or astronomy, the city has a museum for everyone. Los Angeles is a great place for family vacations, with plenty of attractions and activities. For parents seeking to introduce their kids to fun yet educational experiences, the city has many fascinating museums. To help families make the most of their Southern California visit, here are our favorite eight family-friendly Los Angeles...

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Spending a Family Weekend in Conejo Valley

California’s Conejo Valley is the ideal setting to spend a fun yet slow-paced family weekend. With its multiple attractions and dining venues, the area is a hidden travel gem waiting to be explored. Separated from the Pacific Ocean by the Santa Monica Mountains, the Conejo Valley is located an hour north of  Los Angeles. Projecting a peaceful and pastoral vibe, this California attraction provides many travelers the perfect break from the intense LA scene. Furthermore, families wishing to find more affordable lodging possibilities and a plethora of budget-friendly activities will enjoy spending time exploring the valley once filled with white-tailed bunnies. Stay  Westlake Village...

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LA’s Hottest Ticket: The Pop-Up Museum of Ice Cream

Have you ever wanted to swim in a pool of ice cream sprinkles? If so, you will definitely want to check out the Los Angeles’ hottest ticket: the new (and temporary) Museum of Ice Cream. The Story Behind the Museum of Ice Cream When Maryellis Bunn was a child, she had a dream. She wanted to swim in a pool of sprinkles that come with ice cream. In 2016, she made this dream come true when she opened her first Ice Cream Museum in New York City, complete with a pool of sprinkles. The pop-up museum turned out to...

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Which Walt Disney World Park is Best for Kids with Autism?

Although all Walt Disney World parks are geared towards families, some may suit kids with autism better than others. By reading this post and taking their child’s sensory challenges into account, parents can decide which park is best suited for their family needs. Just this month, several parents have approached me asking which of the four main theme parks in Walt Disney World is the best for kids with autism. The short answer is that they all are. Disney does an excellent job of accommodating all persons with disabilities, including children and adults with autism. With that said, some parks may...

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