Andrea Traynor, Indulgent TravelingMom

Andrea Traynor, Indulgent TravelingMom

Andrea Traynor is mom to The K Man (8) and Miss Q (closing in on 6), and a wife to Big B—but also married to her blog and online community. After spending her 20s travelling solo, she’s not letting motherhood get in the way of world exploration. Andrea, a.k.a. Mommy Gearest, spends every spare dime on family jaunts, girlfriend getaways and pushing her physical limits—like that time she went to Ibiza at 41 years old. Indulgence is Andrea’s middle name and she never shies away from splurges or fabulous adventures that help amp up any travel experience.

Fun things to do at Holiday Valley

Ellicottville in New York state is, simply, quaint. It’s one of those towns that surely must be the backdrop to one of your favourite family movies. It’s home to lovely little shops, family-friendly restaurants and a ski resort called Holiday Valley — which should be a duty-free zone. After all, it caters to as many Canadians as it does Americans! Indulgent TMOM Andrea Traynor’s family visited recently to bring you the inside scoop. There’s something especially charming about Ellicottville, NY,  and its allure extends to the local ski hill, Holiday Valley. It’s not the biggest hill we’ve skied, nor the...

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6 Favorite Things to Do this Winter in Ottawa Canada

Wintering in Canada’s capital city — especially during the country’s year-long 150th birthday celebrations — offers fun for the whole family. There’s skating on one of the world’s biggest outdoor rinks. An indoor roller coaster. And noshing on BeaverTails. Let Indulgent TravelingMom Andrea Traynor help you plan a family friendly visit to try her 6 favorite things to do this winter in Ottawa. 6 THINGS TO DO THIS WINTER IN OTTAWA Most of us have to work five days a week, leaving us with a mere two days to explore this big world of ours — one weekend at...

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Panorama Mountain Resort

Panorama Mountain Resort is that brilliant combination of perfect snow and terrain for everyone – from never-ever beginners to Olympic-level experts. And it has more activities and restaurants than you could possibly try in a single visit. For the ultimate Western Canada road trip, Indulgent TravelingMom Andrea Traynor suggests flying into Calgary and boarding the Panorama shuttle to find a little piece of winter happiness in the mountains.   Panorama Mountain Resort Nestled into the Purcell Mountains of the B.C. interior, a range much older than the Rockies, is Panorama Mountain Resort. And although it’s definitely in British Columbia, the...

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Mont-Tremblant Pedestrian Village Restaurant Guide

If there’s one thing you have to do while visiting Québec’s Mont-Tremblant village, it’s eat. Indulgently. The pedestrian village is a cornucopia of foodie pleasures that will appeal to every palate. But not all restaurant adventures are created equally, so let us help you put your taste buds front and centre and avoid trial and error. Mont-Tremblant Village One of the best things about staying in the Mont-Tremblant village in Québec, Canada, is flying in or parking your vehicle at the hotel and walking everywhere. But the last thing you want to do with a hungry family in tow...

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Tremblant Winter Activity Guide

“There’s so much more to Tremblant than skiing,” according to Indulgent TravelingMom. So even if you make it all the way there and decide that speeding down a hill on two sticks simply isn’t your thing, you’re in luck. Because there are plenty of other options when it comes to Mont-Tremblant’s winter activities — some of which are even free. Tremblant Winter Activity Guide Beautiful Mont-Tremblant is awash in winter activities that suit just about every age range. But considering there’s everything from the predictable (snowboarding) to the unique (horse-sledding), you’ll need a Tremblant winter activity guide to help plan...

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Plan a long weekend in Madrid (for Mom)

Traveling with girlfriends is a great way to reconnect. To relive your youth and enjoy a much-needed break from the demands of work and family life. And although all-inclusive Caribbean vacations are wonderful, there’s something special about jetting off to Europe and immersing yourself in all that culture and history. Indulgent TMOM Andrea Traynor helps you plan a long weekend in Madrid — without the kids. I visited Spain’s capital city this past autumn. And although I can tell you that I probably won’t be bringing my six and eight year olds there anytime soon, I would return in a...

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The CP Holiday Train’s December Schedule

All aboard! The CP Holiday Train has been on the road since mid-November, but there are still plenty of dates left across Canada and the U.S. in December. The iconic train, in its 18th year, spreads joy with every awesome performance while collecting much-needed food donations. Join Indulgent TravelingMom Andrea Traynor in this wonderful family tradition. We don’t get a lot of action in our sleepy little semi-rural region of Canada. But that all changes when the CP Holiday Train rolls into town each winter! If your local railway station is lucky enough to be on the CP Holiday Train December schedule for stops...

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How to Style a Family Photo Shoot on Vacation

So you’ve booked a family photo shoot while you’re in the tropics. Fantastic! Childhood is fleeting and there’s no better opportunity to preserve this moment in time with your kids. Looking like a million bucks in your pictures is easier if you spend some time figuring out how to style your family photo shoot on vacation like a pro. Family photos are so important. You’ve already picked the perfect location — somewhere fabulously beachy — but you may still be wondering how to make the whole fam look their best. Styling your family photo shoot on vacation doesn’t have to be expensive, nor...

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Beaches Negril vs. Beaches Turks and Caicos – Which Is Right for Your Family?

If this year’s family vacation in the Caribbean is pointing toward a Beaches Resorts getaway, you’ve probably reached the stage where you might be thinking “which Beaches Resort is right for my family?” After Indulgent TravelingMom Andrea Traynor’s recent visit to Beaches Negril and an earlier stay at Beaches Turks and Caicos, she offers a comparison of both properties to help you decide. Beaches Negril vs Beaches Turks and Caicos With three all-inclusive properties in the Caribbean, you may be wondering which Beaches Resorts is right for your family. Now that I’ve been to two of them, a comparison is in order....

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Tips for first-time ski families

So you’ve decided to become a ski family. Congratulations! You’re about to discover one of the best ways to spend time together, regardless of how old your kids are. With one year under her ski belt, Indulgent TravelingMom Andrea Traynor offers you advice on everything from when to go and what to wear to how to navigate your first chair lift and the ultimate in child motivation on the slopes: bribery. Less than a year ago, we needed tips as a first-time ski family. Big time. And now, we’re eagerly awaiting the first snowfall so we can get out our gear and...

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