Anuja De Silva

Anuja De Silva

Anuja De Silva is a full time working mom and aspiring writer. She is learning to integrate, family, career and travel along with her love for fashion and party planning. She lives in Albany, New York with her husband, a five year old son and toddler daughter. She loves to explore new cultures and inspire other working moms through her adventures.

What is the Best Age to Visit Disney with Kids

“What is the best age for Disney” is a question pondered by many parents who want to plan an unforgettable family trip. “Should we wait until kids are out of stroller and can experience thrill rides?”  or “What is the age that they will remember everything so that the experience will be worth it?” are some typical questions I get about taking my preschooler to Disney. But as a mom who has experienced pure magic and wonder at seeing my son hug Winnie the Pooh and dance with Mickey, I want to tell you my top reasons for why...

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A Food Guide to Sri Lanka

Food is a big part of experiencing a new country. Sri Lanka, a multi-cultural island in South Asia, showcases its influences from both East and West through its cuisine. With rice and curry as staples, Sri Lankan cuisine blends native spices with dishes of Portuguese and Dutch influence from its colonial invaders. One Traveling Mom who grew up there shares her food guide for tasting your way through Sri Lanka. She lists the best “short eats” and unique dishes which you can only find in Sri Lanka. A Food Guide to Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural island...

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Travel Tips to Visit Sri Lanka: What You Need to Know

In the past few years, Sri Lanka topped several “must see places” travel lists. This is a welcome boom to the tourist industry of the country, post-recovery of a decade long civil war. With a long flight time and many different types of experiences, a visit to Sri Lanka requires some planning. Cosmopolitan with Kids Traveling Mom shares details on tips to visit Sri Lanka and what you need to know from her experience growing up in Sri Lanka. Why Visit Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is an island in located in the Indian Ocean.  Its strategic location between the...

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Top Five Things to do in Colombo, Sri Lanka with Kids

  Sri Lanka, the tiny island on the Indian Ocean, has been listed as a top place to go according to outlets including the New York Times and Travel and Leisure.  Colombo, the capital city and the main port of entry, is the likely home base for many visitors. The city offers beach time, good eats along with a glimpse to the country’s post-colonial history. Cosmopolitan with Kids Traveling Mom knows how to explore Colombo like a local and for good reason. She grew up there! Her recommendations for families traveling to Colombo, Sri Lanka with kids? Visit places of worship,...

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Why Working Parents Should Travel With Kids

Travel with kids should not be a luxury enjoyed only by parents with flexible work schedules. With only 18 quick summers to invest in our precious babies, every parent should focus on building last memories. However tired or time-crunched working parents feel,  planning travel should be a priority because it can keep the family connected through  busy times.  Time together to focus on new adventures will add a wonderful dynamic to the family . Travel with kids is a way for busy parents to  break away from routine and maximize on quality time together before childhood flies by. Why Working Parents Should Travel With...

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Time Saving Travel Prep Tips for Working Parents

Lack of time to plan travel is common complaint among working parents. As a mom of two who works outside the home full time, I have some tried and tested trips to help working parents carve out time to plan travel. Don’t stress about catching every deal. Doing the planning in stages can help your travel dreams come to life. Keeping the house ready and prepping ahead for your arrival can help you jump right back into your routine after a memorable trip. Time Saving Travel Prep Tips for Working Parents Planning travel while working full time is a...

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Cool Things to Do in Boston with Kids

Introducing a new city to kids through a story book is a great way to encourage their love for traveling. Make Way for Ducklings is a beautifully illustrated story especially suited for kids under the age of five. It tells the story of a ducking family as they navigate their home city of Boston. We used the book as a guide to help our kids plan our Boston itinerary. Read on to learn how to visit Boston with kids.   Cool Things to Do in Boston with Kids Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It’s...

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5 Reasons Why Working Parents Would Love a Vacation at Beaches Negril

Have you wondered what it is like to get off the plane and not worry about the itinerary for the rest of your vacation? That’s exactly how it is at a Beaches resort. Whether it is finding child care, playing at the water park or heading to a restaurant, everything is hassle free. That’s because it’s all arranged within the resort with the help of hotel staff. A few days at Beaches is a truly a vacation in paradise for working parents. After all, who doesn’t want to leave the kids on Sesame Street?   5 Reasons Why Working...

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7 Things to Do in Atlanta with Kids

Though our Cosmopolitan with Kids Traveling Mom has flown through Atlanta multiple times, it was a weekend getaway to the city that gave her a sneak peak of what it had to offer.  If you’re looking for big city attractions, Atlanta has you covered. With one of the largest aquariums, biggest outdoor water fountain displays and a gigantic Ferris wheel, the city is ideal for a weekend getaway with kids. 7 Things to Do in Atlanta with Kids Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, is one of major cities in the United States.  In terms of tourist appeal, it...

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How to Make the Most of your Walt Disney World Vacation…with a Baby

What can you do at Disney with a baby? Turns out – minus a few thrill rides –  you can do almost everything you want as long as you plan for it. We traveled to Walt Disney World with our 11 month old baby daughter and 4 year old son and made memories to last a lifetime. Planning ahead helped us make the most of our days while accommodating our baby’s schedule. Finding the right resort and navigating the Disney transport will be a big part of making a successful trip to Disney with a baby. Is it a...

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