5 Reasons to Skip the Sand in Daytona Beach

Fast cars on the Daytona International Speedway and parked cars on wide beaches are solid reasons to visit. Cultural Heritage Traveling Mom agrees, but also discovered fun for the kids, the elders, girlfriend getaways, and multigen travelers to engage in the arts, nature, sports and history. Check out these 5 reasons to skip the sand in Daytona Beach, Florida. Sure my big family of many ages plays well all day in the surf and on the sand but the last trip to Daytona Beach lured me off to other adventures as well. Good chance some of them would appeal...

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How To Look At History With A Twist In Hampton, Virginia

Do your eyes glaze over not really caring about the same-old, same-old history lessons you’ve known since grade school? Look at history with a twist In Hampton, Virginia where the past is recharged. Cultural Heritage TravelingMom found lots more than great seafood, dozens of festivals and a walkable downtown. Close to Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg and even Richmond, Hampton is a 400-year-old destination that stands on its own with pleasures and intrigues to fuel a family vacation. Beaches, brews, antique carousel, NASA Visitor Center, Norfolk Naval Base for starters. Head to Hampton with the pleasures of the Chesapeake Bay...

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No Way A Leaky Bladder Stops My Travels

Urinary incontinence can be uncomfortable at home. But it can be a much bigger challenge when you travel. Long flights, hours of walking, and road trips with infrequent bathroom stops all can lead to worries with a leaky bladder. This TravelingMom shares her very personal experience in this review of Always Discreet liners. Disclosure: Always Discreet paid a sponsorship fee for this post, but the experiences are all the author’s own. I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Always Discreet®. I received free samples from P&G. All opinions stated are my own. Seeking solutions to urinary incontinence...

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Why Visiting Hampton, Virginia is as Startling as Stopping on the Sun

  First clue that Hampton, Virginia’s special is the lush green space near the airport. Welcoming, not stark. Then the view from the bridge heading to town with massive naval carriers on the right and gentle beach playing areas on the right. Contrasts of immense delight pop up all the time. Neighborhood tours happily connect my traveling family with local folks, and their favorite shops, parks and eateries most places we go. Hampton, Virginia, showed me an early, original neighborhood that reshaped my understanding of Civil War America. Immersing in new history in Hampton involves museums, harbors, boat tours,...

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Why Riding Camels Matters When You Go to Jordan

Taking the family – or just yourself – to places the neighbors consider wildly unusual calls for a little extra prep. You want  to be sure your experiences open up new ideas and understandings. The Kingdom of Jordan overflows with charm, safety, adventure and fine foods when you know where to look. Cultural Heritage TMOM has the tips. Journey Itself Enriches Jordan Visit Petra is the famous spot in Jordan, but not the only astonishing adventure. Someday National Geographic and National Public Television will catch up with documentaries about all the rest. Meanwhile, you could go. In the spring...

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Hotel Review: Excellent Excellence Riviera Cancun Is for Adults Only

Choosing romance in an adults-only resort can still leave time for culture, heritage, traditions and a sense of history — or can it? Wondering about the possibility of finding balance in an all-inclusive resort drove this Cultural Heritage TravelingMom to Cancun to the Excellence Riviera Cancun Resort where she found romance wasn’t the only thing offered to visitors. Slipping off with your lover for some personal time in an all-inclusive resort in Mexico’s Riviera Maya is a grand notion; daydreams unfold easily considering how you might idle away the hours. Adults only is the style at Excellence Riviera Cancun, one of...

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Resort Review: Finest Playa Mujeres, all-inclusive in Mexico

   When culture, heritage and regional tradition provide the focus of travel, can all-inclusive resorts known for their generous flow of entertainment satisfy the visitor? Cultural Heritage TravelingMom says with intention it is quite possible. Maybe it doesn’t matter that Cancun, Mexico, is just down the road and the island named Isla Mujeres is a ferry ride above the tip of the Riviera Maya peninsula because the all-inclusive resort named Finest Playa Mujeres engages all the senses all by itself—toddlers, tweens, teens and all the generations. “Family-friendly” smacks of inconsistency if free booze and endless food is the meaning...

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Free Hikes, Waterfalls and Art in Blue Ridge, Georgia

  Those looking for free adventures on vacations in Georgia, or day trips from nearby Tennessee, should include the great outdoors in the Blue Ridge Mountains and a charming little  city with the same name. Multigenerational options are abundant in the forests and on trails leading to waterfalls.   Georgia’s barrier islands and metro Atlanta draw families for abundant vacation experiences and the North Georgia Mountains can too. Headquarter in Blue Ridge for these free in Fannin County adventures and open a whole new way to engage in the South. Hiking Blue Ridge offers major trail systems, including access...

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What Macon Georgia Can Teach Us About Finding the Essence of a Place

Macon Georgia taught me how to explore beyond the obvious in a destination my family hadn’t stayed awake nights planning to visit. Know any highway signs declaring a city with historic sites and natural areas that you always drive past en route to somewhere else? Then these 4 tips might help you uncover the essence of any place where you travel. Macon Georgia is south of Atlanta, an easy exit off Interstate 75 and also I-16—the route to Savannah. Families driving to Walt Disney World and Orlando attractions zip right by. The richness and depth of experiences I discovered...

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Hotel Review: Holiday Inn Resort on Jekyll Island, Georgia

Leery of familiar hotel brands giving themselves a new name? Blended Family Traveling Mom was too when she booked two nights on the Georgia coast in a Holiday Inn Resort opened in March of 2015. Here’s what she found for families heading to this seashore. If your family’s brand loyalty takes you to Holiday Inns as you travel, you’re in luck with a trip to Georgia’s barrier island named Jekyll. If that’s not your must-go-to lodging brand, your luck is just as good because this one’s a Holiday Inn Resort, new styling with only 31 so branded worldwide. I...

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