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Meet the Family Travel Experts at TravelingMom.com

When it comes to family travel, we all know who does most of the planning. We know who is in charge of picking the best vacation spots. And we know who is supposed to ensure the family trip makes memories that will last a lifetime. Moms.

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We know that because we’re moms too, just like you. We do most of the family travel planning in our houses. We are expected to pick the best vacation spots. We know how important family travel is for making family memories. The only difference between Traveling Moms and regular moms? We get to travel to more. That makes us the family travel experts who can help you have the best family vacation ever.  


We have a Traveling Mom who travels like you do—with toddlers, with twins, with tweens, with teens, with big families, and as empty nesters. We travel in search of adventure, we drive RVs, we are frequent fliers. We fly stand by and take road trips and day trips. We visit national parks and explore nature. We travel mindfully, frugally and as a solo parent. Our motto is: We’ve been there. On the pages of this website, on our social media channels and in our personal interactions, we always do our best to help all moms make the most of their family vacation—from the travel tips you need, to the products we love, to our honest reviews of the places we visit. We strive to tell you what you need to know before you go, what works for kids, what doesn’t, and how to make your family vacation the best it can be.  

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