CapitalOneVentureWinnerDuring the holidays, TravelingMom and Capital One asked YOU to share your best travel stories with the Holiday Travel Double Take Giveaway courtesy of Venture. To celebrate earning double the miles with Venture, Capital One randomly selected one mom’s story and offered her a chance to repeat her favorite family vacation.

We previously shared highlights from the winner’s trip and this week we caught up with our winner Terrie to get the full story on what made her vacation “Double Take” to Disney World so special!


Sounds like Terrie and her family had a great trip the second time around thanks to Capital One Venture! There are ways you too can make the most out of your family vacation, and finding the right rewards program is a great place to start. Here are a few tips on how you can find the right rewards program to save some money for that next vacation:

  1. Find the right card for you: Building rewards is only worth it if you will actually use them. Evaluate your spending habits and determine what you want to redeem for and then find a card that is a match.
  1. Understand your limit: Some cards have limits on how many rewards you can earn, so make sure you understand the maximum earnings for rewards.
  1. Don’t let your vacation expire: Rewards programs differ, so read the fine print to make sure you redeem for your vacation before you lose those hard earned rewards!

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