Congratulations Chookadoo33!  You won the Nintendo DS Lite.  Thank you for Meeting the TMOM Bloggers.

Blogger, Jamie Bartosch , won a copy of Mary Beth Bond ‘s Gutsy Women Travel book in a random holiday drawing for TMOM bloggers. 

There’s a Traveling Mom blogger for everyone:  TravelAdventureMom, TravelwithTweens, Traveling with Special Needs, TravelwithTeens, TravelingTekTipsMom and more!


Every time (from 12am November 30, 2008) you post a comment in TMOM’s new Mom’s Blog, you will be entered to win.  You have until Sunday, December 21, 11:59PM EST to post away.

Nintendo DS Lite is a terrific handheld travel game with a variety of games.  For this ‘Meet the Bloggers’ contest, we will include the DS game, Mystery Case Files:  MillionHeir

It takes a keen set of "private eyes" to identify the heir in this interactive detective story. Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir showcases a multitude of beautiful, intricately detailed painted scenes and characters like Phil T. Rich where players seek out cleverly hidden items to progress through an interactive detective story. Players use special analytical tools and interact with on-screen objects simply by using the Nintendo DS stylus.

Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir is a true family game.  It is the only Mystery Case Files game to include multiplayer options where players can search for clues together or compete head-to-head. It also offers game-sharing with DS Download Play so friends and family can share the experience.

Personal note:  I chatted with the game developers at their pre-release event at the Nintendo store in Manhattan.  I was surprised (and more than a little pleased) to find out that they created MillionHeir with my age group in mind.  Their goal is to get me to borrow my kids’ DS and play along.  For that to happen, the game needed to be easy to learn to use and fun to play.  I found both. My 12 y/o liked it alot and my 10 and 8 year olds found the live version (aka the pre-release event) easier to navigate than the online game.

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