airplaneaisleSomebody help me out here.
Why is it, when you go to board an airplane, most airlines start with the people sitting at the front? Really, does this make sense to anyone?
I get that the people in first class paid more and deserve special treatment. But how special can they feel as the poor people (the folks who don’t throw their money away sitting at the front of the plane) walk by bumping into those first class seats with their purses, luggage, or wider-than-they should be back sides. Admit it. You’ve done it at least once. I seem to do it every time I get on a plane. Not because I intend to. Promise. It’s because I’m one of those people who hates the idea of paying for a checked bag so I stuff everything I can into a carry on, and then the second bag (that’s supposed to be the size of a purse, I think, but with me ends up being just as big as my first carry on).
I feel guilty when I hit these folks as I march by on my way to the cheap seats.
But then I remember it’s not my fault.
It’s the airline’s fault.
Because they’re the dummies who made it so that the LAST people on the plane are the ones sitting in the very back. And you can bet they’re bumping into seats with their carry-on luggage, too.
All the way to the back.