Tropicana FruitWise whole fruit strips and fruit bars. It’s not easy to get your nine servings of fruit and vegetables, especially when you’re traveling. Even tougher is getting your kids all the nutrients their growing bodies need. Pop a bunch of these thin, tasty bars made with 99% fruit or juice and no added sugar, color or artificial flavors and you’ll also cover your full day’s supply of vitamin C.

They’re made with pure pureed fruit that’s been formed into the shape of a bar and they taste yummy. And nutritionally speaking, they beat the *@#*! out of sugary, corn-syrup-laden snacks that are typical kid travel fare. Traveling with your brood? Just a warning: These slim dandies can get pretty sticky, so teach your little ones to keep the wrapper half on and have a few wipes at the ready. ($.59 to $1.99 at Whole Foods)