blogsFamily-at-campThis is a post about not traveling. It’s about what happens when the kids go away (to sleepaway camp) and the parents stay home.  Kind of gives new meaning to the word staycation, doesn’t it?

I miss my kids.  I was just on ABC News talking about how much.  And as I write this, I am in New Hampshire, at the lovely Inn at Pleasant Lake, ready for visiting weekend with the kids, and I am practically giddy with anticipation.   I cannot wait to hug them and smooch them and generally embarrass them.

But a kidless staycation has its benefits.


1. Clutter Free Closets – When the kids are away, the mother will…throw away.  I have gone through their closets and old toys and books.  I have made numerous trips to the Salvation Army.  And their rooms have never looked better.

2. Less Laundry – Two people, both of them adults = exponentially less laundry than  two adults, one pre-teen change your outfit like your mood girl, and one rough and tumble boy.

3. Privacy – You can fill in the blanks here, people….

4. Car Rides – now this may seem like a weird one – but imagine a 6 hour drive to New Hampshire to visit your kids.  That means there are no kids in the car.  No “he’s on my side” or “she’s touching me!”  There is the ability to converse with your spouse – uninterrupted and not overheard. There is no Radio Disney.  And best of all no Kidz Bop 942…or whatever number they’re up to!

There are other benefits: spontaneous nights out, time with your spouse, no need to worry about a sitter.  Being a temporary empty-nester has its benefits.  Especially when I know that it’s temporary, and that in a few more hours, I’ll get to see them, and in a few more weeks, I’ll welcome them home.