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Daily Grill Restaurant at Westin Portland

There is nothing like a live chef demo! Portland area influencers were treated to a cooking demo by Daily Grill Chef Tom as they gathered for #TNTPortland, a tech and travel show put on by TravelingMom and Techlicious, along with sponsors Westin Portland, Hasbro, CEA, and VidMob.

Before their very eyes, Thai Spiced Steak Lettuce Wraps were created and enjoyed and we wanted to share the recipe with our readers. Thank you to Westin and the Daily Grill for sharing this delicious lettuce wrap recipe.

What’s the best food you’ve ever enjoyed on vacation?


Thai Spiced Steak Lettuce Wraps

• Skirt Steak (marinated in spicy marinade)

• Boston Lettuce leaves (4 inch in diameter)

• Sesame Soy Aioli

• Fresh Cilantro Leaves

• Cooked Jasmine Rice

• Pickled Veggies: – Cucumbers (Peeled, seeded, cut into matchsticks) – Red Onions (Julienned thin) – Carrots (Peeled, cut into matchsticks)

• Sugar in the Raw

• Rice Vinegar


Mix vinegar and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Pickle veggies for 20 minutes, then remove from liquid. Liquid may be used twice.

Grill marinated steak to desired temperature.

Rest while plating.

On medium bamboo board, place rectangle skillet with 1 cup of Jasmine Rice in the upper right corner.

Place taco holder on the lower left corner. Place 3 Boston Lettuce leaves in the holder.

Top each leaf with pickled veggies, and then sliced steak.

Drizzle Sesame Soy aioli over each. Garnish rice with sesame seeds and cilantro and top the wraps with Cilantro leaves.

Enjoy with a Cabernet Franc or Medium-Bodied Ale.