297586 10150766888830187 572530186 20434243 8305460 nI know, I know…it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been online.  I’d love to say it was all my doing…a social media cleansing if you will.  But alas, no.  We moved homes!  Yep, still here in the UAE, but we moved from a three bedroom apartment into a beautiful five bedroom villa!  Why the move?  We had a wonderful place.  It was clean, new, spacious and came with a rarity for places here…built in closets!  But, there was a quality of life missing for my kids.

In all my posts, I try to share what real life is like here.  It’s not always easy, it’s not always a party.  There are highs and lows, with moving abroad…housing ended up being one of them.  Our three bedroom apartment was plenty big.  The girls shared a room, my son had his room, and we had our room.  There were decent size kitchen, dining, living and laundry rooms.  But something was always missing.  A place for my kids to play.  We had an underground garage which served as a play area as there was no backyard, and the street we lived on was busy with cars flying down the road.  So, the garage it was.  I think we took our kids down there a few times when I realized…they were playing somewhere cars drove around, dirt and garbage from high winds collected, and let’s face it…a GARAGE!  It made me sad to think of the yard we left back home.  The bicycles they needed to learn to ride.  And so I went on a mission to move.

Sparing you the details of the actual paperwork involved in the moving process for us, I’ll go right to the fun part…the new villa!  315025 10150881607255187 572530186 21385677 940652463 nWe only looked at two places.  The first place was in the employer’s budget, it was very spacious, and it was in a gated complex with a yard…but it was dark.  The lack of natural light seemed to be the number one downer.  The second place we looked at was out of our budget at a whopping 130K AED.  However, the owner was keen to have our three families move in (two families I work with), and so he lowered the price so we could snag three units!  And they are gorgeous!

299016 10150766890465187 572530186 20434264 4255049 nNow we have 5 bedrooms…well, 4 bedrooms and a maid’s room which is tiny so it’s our pantry/laundry room.  We have a huge kitchen, a large living room and dining room, and get this…6 bathrooms!  LOL!  We have a back yard which is very decent size for here, all stone, but who cares…it’s play space for my kids!  There are 5 villas in our walled-in, gated community.  We share a massive open area for riding bikes, BBQing and whatever else!  The kids spend endless hours outside…finally getting the quality of life they deserve.  And yes, my son learned to ride a two wheel bike this month.  🙂

The part of the moving process that kept me from you, was Internet access of all things!  Paperwork is very slow here.  We were living in our new home for one and a half months without Internet access.  Problems left and right for the service people to try and hook it up.  We would go to the coffee shop every so often just to check in with family and friends using the free wifi.  But, now I’m back, and ready to keep sharing our experiences over here with you!

As it’s Halloween soon, I thought I’d leave you with these images of my kids to show you that we do still get to celebrate over here too!
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