Adding video (such as Youtube) to your posts is very easy. At the bottom of your editor window is a button labeled AVR Media. Since most of what you will insert will be from Youtube, we’ll use that as an example. But you will see that a lot of other remote media options are listed. 

Get your video link (URL) from Youtube.  Usually it looks something like this:

Now, copy the code that comes AFTER the equals sign.

In your post, below the text where you want the video to display (preferably between paragraphs), type in {youtube}{/youtube}


In between those two tags, paste in the code you copied from the Youtube link. So in this example you would have:

{youtube}copiedcode{/youtube} (I didn’t copy the code from the original example because then you would see the video instead of the code here)

Alternately, for all external media links, you can click the AVR Media button.  You will get a popup window like this:
avrmediaPaste your URL into the URL box.  Hit your TAB key, and the other fields will populate automatically. Lastly, click Insert. 

The code for displaying the video will now be in your post and you can save the post for use on the site.