twitterThe topic of using one’s Twitter App on vacation brings about mixed emotions in people, some of whom would rather you put down the phone and enjoy your time and others who find the resource highly entertaining and useful themselves.

From Twitter search to Twitter news, I’ve created a countdown of the top ten reasons people tweet on vacation since you may be wondering why anyone would spend time on a small device messaging to people who aren’t necessarily there, who might not even know you and who might be a problem if they come find you!

Here’s why some people tweet on vacation:


10. Research: To look up relevant searchable “hashtags” for travel-based conversations and to see what others are saying about anywhere you happen to be. (#NYC, #DISNEY)

9. News: To check on the local trending topics for news and/or read the news tweets for a quick summary of world events.

8. Celebrities: To announce the location of a celebrity, you just happened to run into – not from stalking but by simply reading their tweetfeed.

7. Business: To make sure one’s travels are deductible (especially if one is in travel or media-related industries).

6. Real-Life Social: To find friends or colleagues in the same location using the aforementioned relevant hashtags.

5. Virtual Social: To join a Twitter party to enjoy some conversation with other adults once the day is done and all the sunburnt kiddies are cooling off in the pool or in the hotel room at night. (And, possibly to spy on one’s tweeting children to find out what they really think about the vacation.)

4. Thank-Yous: To show your appreciation to the restaurant or hotel who treated you well (since Twitter is the new version of a comment card!)

3. Memories: To capture memories and show off pretty pictures shared from Instagram with a slight old-fashioned hue added.

2. “Bragging Rights:” To keep content lively and interesting – like sharing the fancy chocolate flaming bombe one just ate, (while multi-tasking and feeding multiple social media streams — possibly pushing instant content from or to Facebook or Pinterest).

1. FREEBIES: To win a free meal, free t-shirt, free trip, free anything.

(Results are unofficial, based on the input of a select group of avid tweeters).