workonflightSo, you know how when you take a flight you have those great little desks that fold down to hold your drinks and snacks? They call them tray tables typically. I call mine a little desk because I use it to hold my laptop, so that I can get a little work done while in the air.

But it’s really tough to type when your hands have to curl up into tiny balls in order to hit the letters on your keyboard because it’s now shoved into your belly instead of sitting on the tray table in front of you.

That’s what happens when the people in front of you feel the need to recline their seats.  Not just a little.  All the way back.  So that you can kiss the top of their heads if you leaned forward just an inch.  Not that kissing their head is what you feel like doing when they recline all the way back.



Kicking their seat is more like it.  Like you used to do as a kid when you wanted more leg room sitting in the back seat of the car.  Yep, that’s exactly the same feeling you get when your personal space is taken over by the passenger sitting in front of you who just HAD to recline right when you were getting into the rhythm of your latest article.

The pilot might come on the airplane intercom and encourage you to speak with  your flight attendant “if there’s anything we can do to make you more comfortable.”  Well, yes, I think.  You can ask the lady in front of me to reduce her reclining and sit up straight.  At least while I work.

I mean, that’s what my cool little folding desk is for, right?

What irks you when you’re on a flight?  Leave me a comment below.  Odds are it irks others, too, and may be worth another article.