hawaiiIt is official. My husband and I are going on vacation without the kids. The accomodations are booked, the in-laws have taken the vacation time to stay with the children, and we are watching the airline prices with more voracity than when we keep up with our favorite television show.

Now don’t get me wrong, my husband and I spend plenty of alone time. We make a point to go out together for date nights and we have gotten away for overnight stays before. With those trips though, we were always less than a three hour drive away and gone for one night. This year is our ten year anniversary and to celebrate we are heading to Hawaii. Hawaii! We can barely contain our excitement but along with that excitement comes much trepidation. One of my biggest fears is “What if something happens?” Hawaii is nowhere near our hometown. Travel time from start to finish is approximately 13 hours. This is just something I am going to have to get over because there is not much we can do about it besides stay home and we are not going to do that! There are things that I can do to prepare for the trip and make sure that everything goes smoothly but I am not sure what all of those things are.

Have you traveled without your children? What did you do to prepare? What should be left behind (insurance cards, etc)?

Photo Courtesy of Ewen and Donobel