Traveling to Visit Family

Photo Credit: Connie Roberts/Disabled TravelingMom

It was expensive to fly to Kansas, especially during the holidays. But nothing would stand in my way. It was the kind of family travel that is worth any amount of money: a trip to visit my newborn grandson.

It didn’t matter that I wouldn’t be seeing the local sights, chilling on a beach or marveling at a theme park. It was OK that  I stayed at my daughter’s home most of the time. Besides going out to eat a few times and getting my hair done, I didn’t go anywhere a tourist would. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

When the purpose of traveling is to visit family, most of the time we sit around catching up, eating great food, laughing about old times and appreciating our time together. Sometimes we go to an aquarium, a museum, a theme park, etc. The deciding factor can be how long we have together, if we are healthy or if our hosts are up to visiting much-frequented places.


The trip to visit my daughter, son-in-law and 4-month-old grandson was to be about cherishing the time we would spend together. wanted to spend as much time as possible glowing with pride over my grandson, holding him and watching every move he made. I also wanted to spoil my daughter who is back at work and exhausted.

Traveling to Visit Family

Photo Credit: Connie Roberts/Disabled TravelingMom

When Travel is All about Family

Since she had time off from work for the holidays, she wanted to rest up. Cooking for her, taking her out for meals and even getting fast food was good enough for my daughter. It was a treat for me too. It was like old times when she still lived at home. We were reliving memories and creating new ones with my grandson.

Travel doesn’t always have to be about seeing new things or staying busy. It doesn’t have to be about staying in a hotel, being catered to or relaxing. It can be all about family. Curling up on the couch with a cup of tea, just chatting can be one of the best trips ever.

No Challenges to Traveling with a Disability to Visit Family

Since I knew we would be spending more of our time at my daughter’s house, I decided not to take my scooter with me. To make it easier for me while we were at her house, my daughter rented a shower chair and put up grab bars in the shower and hallway.

This made my time there easier and safer. She wasn’t worried about me, except when I kept tripping over my own feet!