TMOM: Let’s talk about starting the business. How did your life change? 

NINA RESTIERI: My life changed a lot. There was a six-month transition period where the kids were upset, I was upset, I was feeling guilty because I was not at their beck and call every minute.

TMOM: Because you weren’t working at home?

NINA RESTIERI: Right, I went out and got an office right away. The baby was at home with my nanny. I was working from 9-3 and then I was picking up the older kids from school, so there really was no impact on them at all. But they had a hard time just knowing I was at work.  After the first six months, we all adjusted and it became the new normal.


TMOM: What were some of the conversations you had with your kids when they were adjusting? What were some of their concerns? 

NINA RESTIERI: They would ask: “Do you like working better than being with us?” That just broke my heart.

TMOM: How do you respond to that? There are moms out there who are going to get asked those kinds of questions. 

NINA RESTIERI: The answer is I would rather be with my kids than do anything else. No question about it. But I am a better mom because I work, and I think I am doing them a favor by working. 

TMOM: How so?

NINA RESTIERI: I am a happier person. I am a more balanced person. I always wanted my own business, and I am doing that. I’m still with my kids a lot, but now I am a much better mom than I was when I was a stay-at-home mom. I hate to say that because it makes me feel weird, but it’s true. 

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