TravelingMom founder, Kim Orlando speaks with Jessica Denay, founder of HotMomsClub about travel and being a hot mom.

Jessica DenayTMOM: I understand you’re quite the traveling mom.  Do you typically take your son along on trips?

JESSICA DENAY: All the time.  He’s been to New York, Chicago, Florida, and also Canada and Mexico.  


TMOM: How old was he when you started traveling with him?

JESSICA DENAY: He was very young – about 2 months old.  I live on the West Coast, but my family is out East.  I go back and forth every couple months, and I’ve been taking him along since he was a tiny baby.

TMOM: Is your son a good traveler?

JESSICA DENAY: For the most part he’s very agreeable.  It’s easier now, of course, because he’s older.  When he was 2 and 3 it was more of a challenge – he’d just get really squirmy on the plane.

TMOM: What’s been your favorite trip that you’ve taken with your son?

JESSICA DENAY: Every trip has been a lot of fun because for him, it’s all new and exciting.  He’s really getting into the sightseeing stuff now.  We did the typical New York stuff last Thanksgiving – Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building – and he loved it.  Somehow it feels a lot less touristy when you’re standing beside an excited child.

TMOM: Do you have any trips coming up?

JESSICA DENAY: We’re going to Washington D.C. this spring – my son is very excited about it.  It’s amazing to me how many times he’s been on a plane in his nine years.  When I was his age, the most we ever did was get in the car and drive a couple hours in one direction or the other.  

TMOM: So you don’t do road trips?

JESSICA DENAY: Oh no, we do.  Living in California, we have tons of great road trip options.  We love to drive down to San Diego, for example.  Or Laguna or Malibu or Santa Monica.  I highly recommend this area as a vacation spot for families.

TMOM: Why is that?

JESSICA DENAY: There’s just so much to do.  There’s the beach, the sheer magic of being near the ocean.  And there’s Disneyland, of course, and the Pier at Santa Monica, and so many others.  The Treehouse Social Club in Beverly Hills, for example.

TMOM: What sort of place is that?

JESSICA DENAY: It’s this indoor treehouse play area.  A unique destination to try if you’re visiting Los Angeles.  It’s a place where kids can play safely while moms hang out and chat, or even get a manicure.  My son just loves it.

TMOM: What is your fantasy vacation for you and your son?

JESSICA DENAY: When he’s old enough, I’d love to take him to Europe.  I want to show him some of my favorite spots in Italy and Greece and then discover new places with him.  We’ll probably do that when he’s a teenager – when he can truly appreciate the history and culture.

TMOM: And what is your must-pack item when you travel?

JESSICA DENAY: Definitely my makeup case.  I find that travel does a number on my skin, so I just have to pack my cleansers and creams and such so that I can stay on top of it.  If I get away from my daily skin regime, it’s not pretty!

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