dianaroweAfter Denver-based freelance writer Diana Rowe raised her two daughters (now ages 27 and 25) as a single mom, she met the man of her dreams and inherited two stepdaughters, ages 23 and 15.

However, as any Grandmom will agree, her pride and joys are her two grandchildren, Kaydence, a busy and precocious 5 year-old, and 3 year-old Ryland, the first boy in the family, the other man of her dreams. She loves to share her passion for travel with her family. For more than 13 years, she’s etched a living as a freelance writer, publishing hundreds of articles (online and print) ranging from family travel to girlfriend getaways to golf and hotel reviews. Diana rides her own Harley, edits a local motorcycle newspaper, and she blogs about her various adventures with her family and her HOG at www.TravelinginHeels.com and www.dianarowe.com/blog.