galena200On a trip to BlissDom Conference, on a crisp day in my rural Oregon town I boarded a puddle jumper directed (as usual) West to Portland in order to fly East. It was early AM & after dozing I woke to the captain’s roar. He was announcing our decent into Seattle. What?! Due to fog we had been re-routed mid-air to Seattle.


No worries I thought. It’s early. They rebooked me to Nashville via Denver. I would miss the pre-night parties at BlissDom. That the Opryland Hotel Shuttle stopped running at 11PM was my biggest worry. (I was calculating the extra cost of a taxi.) Boo hoo.


I boarded my Denver flight—joking via Twitter with my Denver social media pals that I should stop off and see them! I settled into my seat (happily ignoring my seat mates), and pulled out my novel. We took off and 30 minutes into the air…

We Turned Around!
You are kidding me, I thought.

Electrical Problems. We landed. And proceeded to start the tarmac tango. Wait here. A little longer. We don’t want you to de-board and immediately re-board 10 minutes later. Wait here. A little longer. ONE hour went by. Hostages.

At this point you start to get very chummy with your fellow hostage/passengers. (Hi to my new BFF pals from the @ComcastWA Team!)

Finally they gave up and made us get off the jet to move to another one. 200 people lined up to figure out whether they would make their connections.

strandedluggageWhat to do?

  • It’s only a 2 day conference for pete’s sake.
  • It’s a very short flight back home from here.
  • I could rent a car and drive the 8 hours home.

The question was answered for me. The airline forced everyone onto the next plane. They didn’t want to hear our problems. They certainly didn’t care that this was my 2nd mishap of the day. Or that it would leave me stranded in a city far from my destination.

What did I do? What every blogger would do.
I began texting bloggers in Denver of course! Anyone up for an impromptu Tweet Up!?

My pal and oft-times bloggy mentor (and Wheeling TravelingMom) @Chaotic_Barb vheard my call and went into action. She not only organized a late night pizza party—she offered her guest bedroom—and get this—she outfitted me with pajamas and a toothbrush to scrape the long day off my teeth!

Talk about adopting a stranded blogger in need.

I did make it to BlissDom mid-morning the next day. I missed the opening keynote (@BreneBrown pout, pout) but I had a great time at the conference.

My take home message is this:

“It’s good to be a blogger when you travel in January.”