nyc_day2aDay 1 of my crazy trip to New York with my teenage son was a blast and as we woke up we were excited to get over to the Time to Play Spring Showcase and see all the latest and greatest toys. Since it was raining, Litzky PR sent a car over for us and the other bloggers attending. Note to self: packing an umbrella when traveling to New York City is as important as packing your granny panties.

After having a great time at the Spring Showcase interacting with all the cool brands and bloggers there, it was time to fulfill my promise of Times Square. Did I mention it was pouring? I know everyone thought we were nuts but off we headed. Our first stops were the M&M Store and Toys ‘R Us. Kim Orlando, the owner of, had suggested the Toys ‘R Us and to be honest, I thought she was crazy. My son is a teen, not a toddler. But the rain made me do it and I am SO thankful. We spent 3 HOURS in Toys ‘R Us. It was a blast. My son toured the huge Barbie Dream House, rode the Cabbage Patch Kids car on the inside Ferris Wheel, and took every photo op of him posed with something ridiculously kiddy as he could find. Seriously? Toys ‘R Us was the highlight of Times Square. AND it was FREE!

Eventually we made our way out of the silliness of toys and found ourselves on a quest to find the NBA Store (which is out of business now, thank you very much Kim Orlando). But that quest led us to all parts of downtown so it worked out really well. We went walked through Rockafeller Center, by Carnagie Hall, took pictures in front of Trump Tower. I was sorry that I didn’t have a two day New York Pass though because I would have liked to do Top of the Rock. We did try to find the Carnegie Deli but never did and after miles of walking settled on an overpriced (everything seems expensive in NYC) burger at TGI Fridays. C’est La Vie? Right?

nyc_day2Some things I learned on this trip to NYC:

  • Two red-eyes back-to-back is insane
  • Great walking shoes and an umbrella are musts. Wish I had my pedometer too.
  • Xanax would be a good choice before getting into an NYC cab. Offer the driver some.
  • Walking is faster and safer in most cases than a cab.
  • There are some VERY strange people on the streets of NYC. It was a toss up for The Strangest between the guy wearing dead raccoons (heads and all) or the guy in a pink fairy costume with an empty stroller (wand and all).
  • Toy stores rock for people of all ages.

We were able to see all the ‘big things’ in just two days with the exclusion of Central Park. I would take the chance to visit NYC again in a heartbeat. Even if it took my legs a week to recover from all the walking! Or maybe, I should step up the treadmill training before hand.