tomkat divorceInstead of ogling celebrities on their vacations, I’m musing during the TomKat divorce conversations about how my marriage and my family match (or is it contrast?) with theirs. Private island vacations suit my family quite fine, and the paparazzi never show up. We go to Capt. Andy Hill’s island for romance, or take three or four generations.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might have taken Suri to Eagle Island off the Georgia coast. Private enough for s celebrity hideaway. Can’t get there without a boat.

Not much chance of anyone else staying since there’s only one house and it’s guest quarters. Beautiful marshes. Abundant birds. Kayaks.

Riviera Maya — now that’s a holiday destination for all of us. Celebrity chasers no doubt craved photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Rosewood Maya Koba.


Had anyone been following me in Riviera Maya, I could have been found in the jungle climbing the Coba temple or in various cemeteries observing Day of the Dead any November first.

Maybe TomKat faced up to hard issues in a Conrad Hotelin Thailand or Brussels, Miami or Chicago, Seoul or Hong Kong — or simply enjoyed the luxury.

Tranquility can be found in the jungles of Riviera Maya, perhaps by celebrity traveling families as well as vacationers known only to their friends and family. This is Coba.My family’s a fit for Conrad Hotels too; we’re intrigued they have a Luxury Manifesto, and we like to think about their observation that “perceptions and definitions of luxury are evolving.”

Isn’t that a “Hmmmm” kind of pondering notion for you too? What kind of evolution? Families seeking different kinds of memories than a generation ago?

If luxury is evolving, then TomKat types might just be heading to some of my family’s special memory-building places.

Thinking that way might not suit the long lines of travelers seeking a seat on the Starline Tours www.starlinetours.combus in Hollywood.

Day of the Dead celebrations in Riviera May include national artists, iconic images, traditional foods and a grand sense of joy honoring the dearly departed.Calle Vista Drive, the Cruise/Holmes street, is #3 out of the Top 10 homes Starline gawkers request. That’s out of an itinerary of 40 icons and celebrity homes.

They ask for “Tom Cruise’s house” and don’t mention Katie, Starline reports. If you want to go, have $44 for the ticket, and $34 if you take the kids.

Wonder how the TomKat divorce will affect that bit of tourism? Katie stays on Calle Vista Drive and tours don’t care? She moves and all of a sudden tours want to add her separate house?

Traveling minds are indeed a fascination. “Why on earth are you going there?” I’ve often been asked.

Something to do with grand potential everywhere.

Christine Tibbetts is a university-trained journalist with 40+ years writing for newspapers, public relations and marketing firms, and arts and education organizations. She shares life and travel with a family blended by divorces and marriages.