packing-suitcaseWhat is it about traveling that puts me into a twilight zone of sorts in the week before I leave? Anxiety starts to set in, telling me that I won’t get enough work done before I go.  I won’t remember to pack something important.  I won’t have time to get the pedicure that I so desperately need as my toes see sunshine for the first time in months. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t.
What’s the point of vacation if you stress yourself out to the point of panic in the days before you depart? I know I’m not the only one here.
I’m about to leave for a retreat with several other traveling moms…writers who have children they leave behind for work trips, like the one we’ll be taking as media on board the Disney Fantasy cruise ship.  It’s not vacation. It’s a work trip.  That’s different.

Yes, the office will be much more beautiful for a few days, but we’ll still be in meetings and “working”, and have to pack to impress, to be prepared for work and fun.

I have other friends who become maniacs in the month before a trip.  Their packing list is ridiculous.  Their itinerary is uber organized.

I am not that person.  I wing it right up until just before I leave, and then I realize I probably should have prepared a little better. And then I get busy with the details that have to be dealt with before I go and I end up pulling an all-nighter throwing stuff into the suitcase right up until I have to leave for my flight.


I figure it’s just vacation, right?  So what if I have to pick up toothpaste on the trip?  I’m not the type to leave my entire wallet at home with the ID I need to get on a plane (not yet, at least!). 

So, I remind myself to relax.  Odds are I haven’t unpacked completely from the last trip I took and I could wing it if I had to.  And if there are other family members coming along, they can pack for themselves. Really.  I’ll never be the expert packer who has bags for each pair of shoes. However, nothing is worth the worry I put myself through in that final week before I leave.  

Do you hit the twilight zone, too? I’d feel better if I had some company.