smartphoneappsWhile on a recent trip to Disney with my family, I downloaded a smart phone app. that was quite useful and that made me think: what other useful travel apps are available? I have found that there are many great applications out there for your smart phones so stay tuned for more in this series.

Local Eats: Foodies Rejoice! For only 99 cents, you will have access to over 15,000 top-rated restaurants. Drool-worthy.

Sit or Squat: The answer to ‘Where is the Bathroom?’ This app can tell you where the closest (and cleanest) bathroom is located. Just enter an address, zipcode, city, or intersection and you’ll be on your way to finding your next pit stop!

Gate Guru: Helps you with the ‘What Now?’ when you de-plane. First of all, this app is Free. Yes, you read that correctly. GateGuru will help turn your time in an airport into a more satisfying experience before and after flights. This app will help you locate the best food, shopping and service options within any airport.


iOn Traffic Rhode Island: Naturally, you need to get to the airport or even around your home state. iOnTrafficprovides you an easy way to visually check traffic and road conditions on your intended route. Just browse or search and select from approximately 100 traffic cams statewide. iOnTraffic will create your own traffic report with camera views and, where available, a targeted view of a map where the cam is located.

What travel related apps do you have and find most useful?