danspizzaEaster has passed and now that Lent is over, I can again indulge in cheese. Yes, I gave up cheese for Lent. It was a long 40 days and now that it is over, I am on a mission. My mission (and yes, I do accept it) is to do some in-depth cheesy pizza research.  Luckily, the latest edition of SO Rhode Island featured their favorite pizza in the ‘So Approved’ section.

The two I plan to visit over the next few weeks are PD’s Pizza in Peace Dale and Dan’s in West Greenwich. The reason I want to go to Dan’s Pizza, besides that people rave about it, is two-fold: It resides in a barn or barn-like building and contains some unique items on the menu.  I think I will start with the steak salad while waiting for my pizza. Plus, they have weekly entertainment. I love that Dan’s is an experience, not just somewhere to grab some food.

When it comes to PD’s Pizza, the menu items that jumped out at me are the Greek Cheese and Greek Chicken Pizza. Oh no, I think the Pesto Inferno is calling my name as well.  I am considering a buffalo chicken salad while I wait for my pizzas. This may take a few weeks.

What is your favorite pizza place in Rhode Island?