VEX HEXBUG AntAt the recent TNT Fort Worth Tech & Travel Show, influencers were introduced to the new HEXBUG Vex Robotics, a robotic toy that incorporates STEM education.  What follows is my & my son’s review of this cool new toy.

The hardest one to shop for in my family currently is my 12 year old son.  If it doesn’t have to with sitting in front of a screen, he’s rarely interested.  So when I spoke with the representatives of VEX Robotics about their newest “toy”, I was thrilled to learn that their target audience was the tween age. And even more excited to learn that they were allowing me to take one home for that very picky boy to try.

VEX Robotics

VEX Robotics have been in classrooms for years, providing teachers & students with the tools to build a full-functioning robot.  The purpose behind VEX Robotics is to introduce science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to kids at a young age. They believe that the hands-on experience of building a robot is vastly superior to books or lectures.

And VEX Robotics hosts robotics competitions all across the world. Each competition encourages students to work together as a team to develop new skills, solve problems, and learn along the way.



Recently, VEX Robotics launched a retail version , in the form of a HEXBUG, allowing kids to build it themselves. Appearing in several different versions, the giant robotic bugs are very cool!  With pieces that snap together, there is no need for special tools.  That said, it’s not a project that is easily competed in 15 minutes.  In fact, it took my intuitive 12 year old a few hours to build the VEX Robotics Ant.

What We Loved

VEX HEXBUG piecesComplexity

My son had to take his time to build the Ant because the directions were so detailed. With over 150 pieces that snap together, it would take anyone some time to build. The VEX HEXBUG is meant for ages 8 and up.

No Additional Parts Required

Beside batteries, everything you need to create the HEXBUG is included in the kit.  No tools are required, as the pieces snap together.

Remote Control

This Ant is super cool in it’s movements, as he moves all around, not just forward & backwards.   He turns in circles and climbs over objects with it’s big wheels.  You can control his movements or you can set him in “autonomous drive mode” and watch him scurry around, mimicking real-life movement.

Bump Sensors

The Ant’s antenna are bump sensors, so the robot knows when to stop and back up to go around something.  It’s pretty amazing.

Even as moms, we had fun moving the HEXBUGs around the room.  They also have this fantastic Vex IQ Robot.  it comes as a construction kit to build on your own.

But what’s the true verdict?  Did my 12 year old son enjoy building & playing with the VEX HEXBUG?

I think it’s safe to say that this is an excellent toy for a tween. Might be a great toy to take on a trip for some much needed downtime.