classRecently, I had the opportunity to teach my Year 3 students of Ajman Academy a lesson on travel and how to plan.

In our school, we follow the PYP model of education, where we break our year up into six blocks, each one focusing on a transdisciplinary theme and central idea. Within each idea, there are three lines of inquiry the teacher will try to help the children understand, while allowing them to guide their own learning through questions, research and thinking.

For our last unit, the students were given the theme of ‘where we are in place and time’ with the Central Idea being ‘organising a trip requires planning and working together.’The three lines of inquiry I needed to make sure the students understood were:

· Planning a trip involves many steps (destination, activities, budget, transport)
· Explorations and discoveries
· Reading maps, plans and listening to directions


In the following article, you will see the culminating collaborative assessment project the students created. They spent countless hours learning about favorite destinations around the world, how to research highlights of different cities and countries, how to sort through the process of finding flights and places to stay and most importantly, what to do with kids once there! Working individually or as a team of two, the students researched their topic and wrote their portion of the article. The students also came up with their title, subheadings, introduction and summary on their own.

I hope you enjoy what they have put together for you. I know I was elated to be teaching them something I do every day as a part of Traveling Mom.