tarheel.jpg“I’m a Tar Heel born I’m a Tar Heel bred…” so a verse of the University of North Carolina fight song says. And it’s true, I do bleed Carolina blue and I am bound and determined to make sure my son does too! Just because he’s only 2 years old doesn’t mean he’s too young to start showing him the ropes (ok, brainwashing…whatever).

I decided in September that I had to plan a trip to North Carolina during the football season to be sure Jackson got the full Tar Heel experience.  A nice stroll down Franklin Street for lunch, a drink from the famous Old Well, a visit to his namesake (Jackson Hall) and of course, taking in a UNC football game in the gorgeous Kenan Stadium!  This was an experience he had to have and the sooner the better.

tarheel2.jpgNow this certainly was not his first time there.  Let’s see he went to 3 games in utero and then another 2 last season.  But this one was key because this would likely be the first one he would remember and it took a long trek to get there from our home in Florida. 

We arrived early on Saturday, well before game time, decked out in our Tarheel gear from head to toe. Tarheel hats, shirts, jackets…you name it, we had it on!  It was a perfect day.  It was in the 70’s and we were surrounded by a Carolina Blue sky…and yes, that is an official color.  We took care of all the sight seeing and now it was game time, woo hoo!!


tarheel3.jpgJackson’s eyes were as big as saucers when we walked through the tunnel in the stadium and out to our seats.  I could tell, it was love at first sight.  We took our seats on the 50 yard line, yes the 50 yard line, when it comes to my son and my school only the best will do.  Plus, I had to make sure I could see all the action too.  He sat there and watched over half the game, yes a 2 year old boy sat still for almost two hours.  He clapped, pointed, cheered, chanted TAR….HEEELS, yelled touchdown and took it in like a full on Heels fan.

It was indeed the perfect day from start to finish.  We beat Miami and most importantly I turned my son into a real, bona fide Tar Heel fan!

Jennifer Myers Robb is a mom and the founder of HerGameFace.com , a Web site she launched recently to help sports-crazy women like herself find the best fan gear available.