extra day

With a view like this you will want to stay an extra day on vacation. Credit: Kim Orlando, TravelingMom

There are travelers who try to squeeze every last minute of fun into a vacation and those who do this crazy thing – they return a day early so they can ‘rest up’ before returning to work or their daily lives.

Um – rest up people? You are on VACATION. That is your rest.

What I like to do is have an unscheduled last day on a family vacation. So if I’m at a resort with a great spa, I can get that massage I didn’t have time for earlier in the week. Or if I’m in a new city, I can see that art exhibit I didn’t even know about, or revisit places I just saw, and feel even more connected. Why rush back home to my routine – especially since I can catch up on work email while I’m away? I can just whip out my MasterCard for bonus time.


I truly learned the value of that ‘extra day’ when I was flying home from a Caribbean vacation and my flight was canceled. Everyone was groaning  and moaning, but the airlines took us to a hotel (on their dime – this doesn’t always happen anymore) and we had an extra night in paradise. What was there to complain about – I had a free room, meal vouchers, a pool and a half-read book. I embraced that forced extra day of vacation with my family and decided to look at these extra moments as gifts.

You can also use that extra day to reward teens (and yourself) if they spent part of their vacation volunteering. I volunteered my family to “Free the Natives” on Kauai through the Grand Hyatt Hotel. We spent five hours of our one week family vacation clearing invasive plants at a state park. Their reward was a completely cleared area where native plants could thrive and a bonus vacation day after where they called the shots.  (If you go to Hyatt and book this hotel, Traveling Mom will receive a referral fee.)

MasterCard One More Day InfoThere’s another reason to spend an extra day on vacation – you can save money.  Sounds crazy, but hear me out. Let’s say you go to New York City and buy a seven day unlimited Metrocard. If you leave after six days, you’ve just ‘lost’ a day. Your cost per day goes down with the week pass.  Same when you rent a car for week, buy a weekly pass to a city’s bike share program, or a beach pass on Cape May.

And so many hotels offer “buy 3, stay for 4 free” programs, with more free days for longer stays, that it is almost criminal to cut your vacay short.

Yes, you charge more on your MasterCard for food with that extra day – but is the food you eat at home free?

So check your vacation policy. Don’t leave vacation days unspent. Enjoy One More Day.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of MasterCard.I received compensation for this post, however, all opinions stated are my own.