Jamie Bartosch / Suburban TravelingMom

Jamie Bartosch / Suburban TravelingMom

United Airlines is blaming an “automation issue” for grounding all U.S. flights on Wednesday morning for about two hours. According to the Chicago Tribune, the ground stop was lifted at 8:45am, but as of 9:30, 376 United flights had been delayed.


It’s the second time this summer United has grounded flights due to computer issues in the wake of its merger with Continental, the Tribune said.


Waiting at O’Hare

If you find yourself with time on your hands at O’Hare Airport, here are a few ways to occupy yourself and your kids.

Head to the yoga room.

Go shopping.

Admire the artwork.

Check out the toilets. (Really)

Just Relax

Finally, keep in mind these tips from Nasreen Stump, Road Warrior TravelingMom:


Stay calm. airlinetravelWe’ve all seen it. The traveler who goes from zero to overly angry in 5 minutes. He goes to the ticket counter, yells a little, gets on his phone, and starts throwing out numbers. “This trip cost me $4,000. Now I’m losing a day!”. It is understandable to be upset. However, the calmer you remain, the more likely you are to get calm service. If you storm out of the airport, you may not be entitled to a no-fee rebooking because you are now considered a “no-show” for the flight.

Be nice. Use your pleases and thank you’s. Identify with the agent: “I know this isn’t your fault but I’m sure you can understand that I’m upset. How can you help me?” Speak in a way that makes them want to give you a positive answer. Ask politely for items like credits and meal vouchers.

Read all of her tips here: What to do when your flight is delayed.


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