fruitsEating right while traveling can be tricky but it can be done.  Just include it in your packing plan and it won’t feel like more work. The healthy way you will feel upon arriving at your destination will make it well worth the effort.

An interview with Arden, personal trainer and all-natural body builder in Venice, CA, reminded me that simple plans can equal big results.

While traveling, Arden says to stay as close as you can to your own set way of eating.  She firmly believes that your body thrives on routine.  Planning is everything and will make the biggest difference in how you feel after a flight.  


Air travel will throw your body off balance so you want to do things that will minimize drastic changes or shocks to the system.  

Avoid plane food and snacks.  
Bring your own healthy choices.  Pack healthy alternatives for the kids.  You have to plan ahead to pack anyway so put food on the list.  Don’t leave it up to the airlines.  Your nutrition is not their priority it’s YOURS!

Drink Water.
Air travel is dehydrating.  Water is necessary and drinking lots of it is crucial to maintain balance in the body.  No alcohol or caffeine.

Arden and her husband, (one-time Mr. America and Mr. Universe, Robby Robinson), always pack their own food for their trips.  The last meal packed for their trip from LA to NY included organic chicken salad, fresh vegetables and sparkling water.

Arden is also an accomplished artist who focuses on textile design.  You can check out her hand-painted, silk screened on silk scarves at  Her Bodyandart scarves have been showcased at Fred Segal’s in Beverly Hills, CA, The Alley in Beverly Hills, and James Deva Studio in West Hollywood.