DaddyGirlsNext week my family will experience something that we never have before – Daddy will be away traveling overnight. You see, our girls are used to my travels now and barely bat an eyelash when I announce that I’ll be gone for a night or two. But they were completely thrown when we told them that Daddy will be gone for two nights next week, traveling to Chicago for work. He’s never had a job before that required travel, so this is a completely new thing for us.

It is at least partly my fault, I suppose – for choosing to marry someone who not only isn’t fond of travel and hates big cities, but dislikes even just sleeping away from home. He’s come with us on a few overnight trips here or there, mostly back when the girls were younger and I traveled more for my job, but nowadays he’s simply happy to have a relaxing weekend at home by himself when I take the girls away to visit friends or family.

I knew this about him when we got married – I just hadn’t realized that he would never grow to love travel the way that I do. And I’m sad that it’s something that we can’t share together. My goal is to make sure that our kids have lots of travel experiences so that they will grow up loving to explore and have adventures away from home. So far I’ve succeeded – as all three of the girls get excited for every travel opportunity that comes along.


It’s certainly easier to arrange things here at home when it’s Daddy who’s going away instead of Mommy. There’s no stress over who will be available to watch the kids, since I’m home with them right now anyway. We don’t have to set up babysitters or carpools, and I don’t have to leave detailed instructions for who needs to be where or when and with what uniform or outfit. It really will be business as usual for the most part, except that the girls will have to say goodnight to Daddy over Skype instead of in person. And I’ll have to haul extra kids out to sports practices in the evenings instead of giving them the option to stay home instead.

My only problem with this whole idea? Is that I’m envious of his travel plans and that I can’t go with him since the girls are all still in school right now. I’m the one who loves to travel, who cherishes a quiet hotel room with no distractions or interruptions to my television-watching, reading, knitting or just plain relaxing at night. I’m the one who doesn’t mind big city traffic and loves to explore new areas. But maybe – just perhaps, he’ll finally realize that there’s nothing wrong with a night or two spent away from home, especially without kids.

A Traveling Mom can dream, right? 🙂

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