The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without our favorite traditions. Around the world, people celebrate the holidays by incorporating their traditions into them and passing them down for generations to come. Spice up your holidays with these ethnic traditions from around the world and share your family holiday traditions with us on Twittter, Facebook and in the comments!.

New Year traditions vary around the world

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Gobble Grapes:

Each New Year’s Eve revelers in Spain and in many Latin American countries race to eat twelve grapes before the final stroke of midnight. Folklore has it that if you manage to swallow all the grapes in time, you’ll have good luck in the New Year.

For even more good fortune, make a wish as you eat each grape. In Spain, the munching is synchronized with the chimes of the clock tower in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol. If you’re a purist, set your timer for 36.7 seconds, chew quickly and make sure you and your kids have got plenty of napkins on hand.

Color-code Your Wishes:

In many cultures, the colors white, red and yellow have special significance. In Brazil it is customary to wear white clothes to ring in the New Year. If it’s love and romance you’re wishing for, then take a tip from Mexican folklore and don a pair of red undies. If you’re hoping for more prosperous times, then outfit yourself with some yellow underwear.

Take Your Suitcase for a Midnight Stroll

how do you celebrate the new year?

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Got visions of travel dancing in your head? Then hit the streets with your wheelie in tow. In many Latin American cultures it’s said that if you take a midnight stroll around the block with your luggage, you’ll travel in the coming New Year. Now if only you could rack up frequent flyer miles that way.