LilithLogo2010I haven’t gotten to do much traveling this year. It kind of bums me out and makes the “free spirit” in me feel a little tame lame. You can imagine my excitement when I hit the ultimate travel jackpot! I won (2) tickets to the awesome Lilith 2010 tour (formerly known as Lilith Fair).

Lilith Fair was started in 1997 by none other than (the awesome) Sarah McLachlan and was one of the top grossing tours from 1997-1999. Despite cancellations due to the suffering economy and poor ticket sales Lilith 2010 rocked the US and Canada with a fab line-up of women performers, including: Sarah McLachlan, Mary J. Blige, Miranda Lambert, The Courtyard Hounds, Sarah Bareilles, Loretta Lynn, Erykah Badu and many more! Can you say psyched!?! I was, to stay the least.

mjb2010It only got better when I found out that the nearest stop for me (in Texas) was Cleveland, Ohio. Home of my long-time internet bestie, Karmi and her wonderful family. Add one ticket to Cleveland and this Special Needs Mama was ready to take a quick break from handing out meds and setting up dialysis machines. Daddy can handle it, he rocks….almost as much as Mary J. Blige!
One missed flight and an overnight in Detroit later, I arrived ready to rock out to some true performers in the beautiful Blossom Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The show was WONDERFUL!

Sarah Bareilles covered Beyonce’s Single Ladies, the Court Yard Hounds gave us a taste of Texas, Mary J. Blige was like a church revival and killed her cover of Stairway to Heaven, and Sarah McLachlan performing “Angel” live???? Need I say more?


sarahmclachlan2010I thoroughly enjoyed my 36 hours of going “wild” before heading back to reality. Sure, I wrestled with a little guilt along the way and I was as ready to come home and hug my family as I was to leave… But I can promise you this…Mama got her groove back and is stoked to have found that that “wild hair” is still present and accounted for!