HolidayTravelWhether you’ll be hosting friends and family during the holidays or venturing out, TravelingMom has clever ideas for enjoying the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Sometimes a cozy trip to a snowy village or a sparkling, decked-out city is just the ticket for embracing the holiday season.

Who says a Thanksgiving meal has to include turkey? Southern TravelingMom shares her non-traditional Thanksgiving tales (including a move to Denver).

Just because busy moms are on the go doesn’t mean they don’t take the time to prepare meals for their families. Whether you’re working, running errands or traveling, your family can enjoy a home-cooked meal even when you’re not there.

Sometimes a little getaway to a city that celebrates the holidays in a big way is perfect for enjoying the festive season (and getting some serious shopping done!)

The holiday season can get hectic but it’s a special time of year when theme parks, towns, malls and many other places get all dressed up. With kids home from school, take time out to enjoy the spectacular sights.

Like train rides? The Virginia City &Truckee Railroad has numerous holiday-inspired themed trains in October, November and December.

Not everyone lives in a city where they experience a white Christmas. A solution: a cozy holiday ski trip. Even if you don’t ski, snowy villages have much to offer families.

Standby TravelingMom, who is married to a pilot, shares flying tips to get you home for the holidays – or out of town!

Mimi Slawoff writes a monthly family travel column for L.A. Parent magazine, in addition to freelancing for several publications and websites. Follow her adventures on Twitter @mimitravelz.