Maternity fashion designer Liz Lange, a mom and successful entrepreneur, offers these tips for staying sane as a traveling mom:

  • Don’t mix family time with business travel. “It’s too stressful,” says Lange. Instead, she and her husband manage never to be away on business at the same time but travel on vacation with their children.

  • Manage pre-trip stress.  Lange admits to tensing up before a trip. “I treat my husband like he’s never been alone with the children,” she says. “I give him list upon list. But once I’m on the road, I relax. I know they’re in good hands.”

  • Keep business trips short. “I try to keep it to one night and round trip travel as much as possible.”

  • Take advantage of time alone. If a dinner isn’t mandatory, Lange opts out and returns to the hotel room, orders in, and watches a movie. “My special mommy indulgence is a visit to the spa,” she says.

  • Easy carry-on. Lange brings on board an LL Bean open tote bag that holds all her belongings. “My typical carry-on includes 2-3 jersey dresses and a cashmere wrap that goes with anything. I wear flip-flops on the plane and pack a dressier pair of shoes for the trip,” she says.

  • Simple elegance. Lange’s personal passion as well as business practice is to look good as simply as possible. “As a fashion designer, I don’t need to wear suits but I do carry a lightweight cardigan I can wear on the plane if it gets cold and that can dress up an outfit if need be.” She also loves vintage costume jewelry that adds a personal touch to her wardrobe.

  • Reading on the run. Business travel is the perfect time to catch up on magazines and newspapers. “I also love my Kindle,” says Lange.