Fran Capo is the Fastest Talking Woman in the world, an adventure traveler who lives life to the fullest and funny funny funny.  Traveling Mom got her whole story in a record 15 minutes – just before Fran hit the Momedy™ stage.

TMOM:  Let’s talk about the sharks.  Did you take your son with you?

FRAN CAPO:  No.  But he did climb Kilimanjaro with me.


TMOM:  Wait, let’s talk about the shark thing.  Was your son a teenager?

FRAN CAPO:  Well, I did it two times. The first time he wansn’t even born yet. The second time he was older.

TMOM: Weren’t you afraid  of not coming back and being there for your son?

FRAN CAPO:  No. If you tellyour kid to live life like nothing is impossible, how can you all ofthe sudden become a mom and stop living the life that you want to?These are calculated risks.  I wouldn’t jump into water and I see abunch of sharks in there.  Obviously you have to be with anorganization that’s done shark dives before.  I check the diver and hehas all of his limbs, it’s safe. Besides they’re running a business,not good if the guest divers get eaten.

TMOM: What has your son done with you?

FRAN CAPO:  He climbedKilimanjaro with me,  was 15 at the time, one of the youngest climbersto do it. He’s done the polar bear plunge,  panning for gold, hot airballooning, kayaking, canoeing, skiing,  spelunking, basically anythingthat I feel is safe within his age range plus he’s very athletic, sohe’s a good on these adventures.  Now I’m starting to take my niecewho’s eight on adventures. I just took her swimming with the mantees,and on a helicopter tour of NYC… I believe  you should always teachpeople especially children…that anything is possible….and to go forthe fullest experience in life.

TMOM: When your son was younger and you would travel, how would you stay connected with him?

FRAN CAPO:  I didn’t leave him, he came with me.  My motherwould go on the road with me, and if I was on stage she would watchhim….I didn’t want to be an absentee mom letting someone else like ananny raise my kid. I brought him into this world and it’s my job totake care of him.  I got divorced when Spencer was 4 months old.

TMOM: Oh, that’s right you are a single mom.

FRAN CAPO:  Yeah, so I thoughtsince he wasn’t in school yet that the road, the world, would be hisschool… He even did stand up.  He was the world’s youngest comic. Itwas his idea not mine. Not one of those stage mom’s. He saw me onstageat the Tropicana in Vegas…he was two at the time, and he says.."MommyI want to go onstage." I said, "You don’t have an act!" He said, I wantto try it. The manager overheard and said give the kid a shot. So Iquickly gave him three impressions to do. I was emceeing…so I broughthim out on stage as a special guest. He got laughs…and from then onhe was hooked. He’s in the Ripley’s Believe itor Not- Planet Eccentric book, page 109. Not that I’m counting. He’s inthe book worlds youngest comic and for being one of the youngestclimbers.  You know for climbing Kilimanjaro.  He wrote an articleabout it also and was given a proclamation by the Borough President ofQueens and even had a day named after him. Now,  he’s an EMT, saved aten year old girl’s life this summer.  He passed the NYPD test…He’sgoing to Iona college.  He’s got a website business, and does officework for a NYC Tour Company….So it’s just like I always tell him thatwhatever you dream, you can do.  Believing is seeing, not the other wayround. Know what you want and go after it.

TMOM;  And you’re a single mom, so these aren’t vacations you’re taking, right?.

FRAN CAPO:  No, no, no, I mean likeif I get booked for a a gig…comedy or corporate like a recent one Idid in Arizona called, "Girlfriend’s Getaway".  It was a motivationaltalk for breast cancer survivors and it was out in Arizona because Iwrite a weekly blog for the WB called “Fran’s World” and I also have aninternet t.v. show called “Fran’s World and Welcome to It” where I doall these different things, interview people, do all of these crazyadventures etc…You can see the episodes on my website,…anyway…so when I get hired if it’s during thesummer time or spring break I say, “ I need to bring my son,” They areusually fine with it. Then I look up cool adventures out where I’mstaying…my son comes and helps me sell my books after my show andthen we take a day to do an adventure…In the case of Arizona…wewent sand dune buggy riding in the dessert….you know over hills, pastdiamond back snakes and cactus.

TMOM:  How did you get into motivational speaking? 

FRAN CAPO:  Someone suggested I tryit. I like giving everything a shot. So I did it and it worked becauseI spoke from my heart and experience. You become an expert on anythingin life by doing it and being successful. Of course I always like totake things one step furhter. I won’t ever tell someone to try or dosomething if I’m not living it myself…For example… You know how youhear people saying  “You can climb any mountain in life?" They are using it metaphorically and I’m like, “Hey… why don’t I actuallyclimb the mountain and then tell them that if I a non-climber can climbthe mountain so can they…I’m just an average mom. Not some superathelete."

TMOM:  Is there anything you want to do and you haven’t had the time to do yet?

FRAN CAPO:  There’s neversomething that I don’t have the time to do.  I have a saying…If youwant to do something you find a way, if you don’t you find an excuse.So I section things out in my life.  Like writing 10 books in fiveyears. I say, “Capo, Right now you’re going to write this book.” Ofcourse I have a list of other things I want to do. It’s not that Ihaven’t had the time to do it. It’s that I’m not up to that thing yet. And when I get up to that thing, I’ll do it.

TMOM: How can you be so sure?

FRAN CAPO: I always tell people isyou have to be your own best cheerleader.    Don’t depend upon otherpeople to be your best cheerleader.  I mean you can have a  supportsystem but if you don’t have the internal fortitude it won’t work. Youjust have to believe in yourself…and take it one day at a time…aslong as each day you move closer to your goal…you will get there.Make everyday one step closer to your goals and then you have a seriesof good days…and then you know what…good days equal good weeks,good weeks equal good months…etc…and then  you have a successfullife. Just concentrate on today.

TMOM:   Do you have bad days? 

FRAN CAPO:  Absolutely< br />
TMOM:  What’s a bad day look like for you?

FRANCAPO:  I cry. I get mad. And then I pray and do my gratitude: You’restill healthy, you still have a son you love. If you’re always thinkingabout the things you are grateful for, it’s really hard not to be in good frame of mind.  I’ve had my house burned down.  I’ve had parentsdie of cancer.  We had our house almost in foreclosure.  I’ve beenthrough two divorces.  So what?  That’s my past.  It doesn’t equal myfuture. 

TMOM: What is your must-pack item? 

FRAN CAPO:  Since my mom passed away,I always carry this ring that has a rose on it, it was her ring and hername was Rose. When I’m going somewhere, I put the ring on and I say, “Come on mom.  We’re going out!”  That and I always carry my  gratituderock.  I usually have a rock in my pocket and every time I touch it Iremember to always be grateful for anything that happens. 

TMOM:  Anything else you want to say about travel?

FRAN CAPO: I want to tell people: Don’t wait to say one day I’ll go there.  Find a way to go there now.   Money is the obstacle that you put in your head.  You could borrow it,barter a trip, do a working trip…do whatever you want to do to getthere, legal of course, don’t go hiding in the baggage compartment ofthe plane. The bottom line is  if you have a dream, go after it.  Andremember 40 hours a week is too long to be doing something that youdon’t like, so if you hate your job…change it.   So I invite peopleto come to my website,  read my books especially Adrenaline Adventures to get ideas onreally unique vacations,  check out my internet TV show, and hopefullyit will make them smile, laugh and be inspired to go out there and justenjoy life.  Everyone has a special passion, a special talent inside,find out what it is and let it shine.