Gaming at Disney World 1It was completely unexpected, but Walt Disney World has become something of a gamer’s paradise thanks to the interactive Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game.

During our family vacation, the game was such a hit that the kids even played the home version through our hours long return flight. I’d have played it too, if the kids hadn’t taken all my cards.

The premise of the game is pretty straight-forward. There are a series of collectible trading cards with different Disney heroes and you use them to try and help Merlin defeat the Disney villains. Every day that you come into the Magic Kingdom you can pick up one new free pack of cards to use in your battles. Each pack has a combination of rare, common, uncommon and super rare cards from which to choose.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Game

Along with your cards you are issued a key card and a map. The key card is what ties your game, and the people in your party, together. My two daughters, ages 10 and 12 and my niece and nephew, ages 9 and 12 all played along with us grown-ups.  I say “all” pretty loosely because the kids took our cards to add to their growing stacks and we were really just along for the ride. Here’s where it gets fun and where a little Disney magic happens.


Gaming at Disney World 2Instead of just sitting down and fighting, you are sent to one of a selection of portals located throughout the Magic Kingdom. These windows look like just the any other window with the same dressing you see elsewhere in the park, but they have little gold discs in the ground where you, the wizard, stand to wave your key card and activate the portal.

This starts an animated sequence that introduces the villain you’re about to fight. It could be Scar or Jafar or any of the bad guys that have appeared in the films over the years. Once you’ve got your villain, you get to choose cards from your hand to hold up and fight. In the case of multiple players, the portal will select only a few of the cards to use in the battle. Part of the fun is seeing whose cards are selected.

You’ll be able to tell by the types of things that suddenly fly at your villain on the animated portal screen. I’m particularly fond of the Fairy Godmother who lobs a torrent of pumpkins as her weapon. Once your villain is defeated, the portal sends you on to the next villain at a new portal location indicated on your map.

Gaming at Disney World 3

Kids Love the Game

In a place where there is no end to the rides, shows, parades and all manner of entertainment, all four of the kids got sucked into an adventurous card game. They ripped open those packs each day and gleefully traded with each other. They even traded cards with random people in the park. It was the perfect melding of Disney and gaming.

There are additional cards available for purchase that can be used at the portals or at home with an included game board. This is how the kids killed the better part of 4 hours of airplane time on the way home at the end of our trip.

If you’re headed to Disney World, be sure to stop at the Main St. Firehouse at the left side of the front entrance as you walk into the park. Get yourself some cards and prepare to battle the forces of evil and save the Magic Kingdom!