Family ski vacationsAs a mom, you worry about your kids being safe, that’s your job.  When they hurt you hurt.  So it’s natural as ski season approaches that you would have some worries about protecting your kids.  Helmet – check.  Warm clothes – check.  Lessons – check.  But what about the ski lodge, could potential hazard be lurking there?  

I learned about ski lodge injuries the hard way.   My dad and mom were avid skiers, and taught my three brothers and I how to ski at a young age.  With four kids, someone was always cold, hungry, or had to go to the bathroom.  As I look back, I’m not sure how often my mom actually skied when we were this young.   We took lots of breaks in the ski lodge.  During one such ski lodge break, when I was four, I was walking around the lodge singing, pretending that I was on a stage.  As I walked by a timber column, I wrapped my left arm around it, extended my right arm and closed my eyes singing louder for my big finale.  Dramatic, I know.  I slowly swung around the timber column and – BAM!  I ran right into a table.  My performance was over.  I screamed, and my dad ran over to me to find that my two front teeth had been knocked out.  Our ski trip was over for the day, and for the next 3 years I waited for my permanent teeth to grow in, and endured, “All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth” sung to me every year.

 family ski injuries